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5th Jan 2006, 02:31 AM
There was a Death match map i played on once in sin that looked and acted like an MC echer picture. You could go through a teleporter and end up with what was the wallis now the floor and every one else were still were thay were as if the z axes changed for you but not them. Anyone know what i am talking about and know haw to do that in UT 2004?

5th Jan 2006, 10:10 AM
I understand what you're talking about tho I don't think I ever played that map. There was a map here... http://nalicity.beyondunreal.com/map_hub.php?mid=7948 that did the floor/ceiling thing using warpzones, but that's about as far as the capability goes in UT2K4.
If I recall correctly, there's someone at the atari forums who's trying to create custom gravity in UT2K4 so people can make what you're describing. Head over to the atari boards and run a search for 'warp zones' and/or 'gravity' - or maybe even 'escher' - you'll probably find it pretty easily.

Good luck!