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29th Dec 2005, 04:45 PM
(EDIT: Sorry this should probably be in the Bugs forum. If an admin wants to move it I'd appreciate as it won't let me delete the thread. Thanks.)

Has anyone else noticed an issue with crouching when play as an infantry?

My guy crouches but not nearly as far as the other classes crouch. It's like he goes down a few inches and thats about it.

The weird thing is if you use the scope it seems like you can crouch completely again after trying it a few times (most of the time twice will do it). But otherwise you aren't able to crouch all the way down.

I'm gonna test this some more and post some screenshots.

EDIT: Screenshots and a short description.

This first shot is standing normal with an infantry. (DA-Triumph)

This second shot is when I try to crouch.

This third shot is when I stand while using the scope.

This fourth shot is when I try to crouch while using the scope.

This last shot is when I try to crouch while using a scope AFTER I tried crouching in the fourth screenshot above.

Basically, if you try to crouch with the scope it won't fully crouch until you stand again and crouch a second time without ever leaving the scope viewing mode.

I have found this pretty consistent throughout the maps. It also seems that sandbags have to do with some of it though the way they modify crouching behavior for the infantry seems rather erratic at best.

Is this supposed to be like this? And if so why?


29th Dec 2005, 06:28 PM
As far as I can see this has something to do with scope (both rifleman and sniper - havent tested ironsights). I think its not supposed like that but I couldnt find the reason, yet.