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21st Dec 2005, 06:40 AM
hi, I've posted yesterday about a problem with UT2Vote 5.1 blocking server side configured messages, but i think I've posted in the wrong section :stick: , so here i post it again.


I've added also a personal feedback :boom: first which i think may contain usefull information for some users of ut2vote, you can skip this if you want and just read the problem. I hope this is the right section :shake: .

plz post answers in this thread and not in the link's thread.

thanks in advance ;) ,

21st Dec 2005, 08:50 AM
hmm, just a thought, did you try switching chat-logging of?

21st Dec 2005, 01:39 PM
Thx for the quick Reply :)

Yeah that was one of the first things I tried, including disabling ServerAdmin, changing UT2Voteconfig settings to False/True etc...

Seems like It's an internal UT2Vote Issue.. :confused:

The messaging mutators run just fine without any problem/error, it's just the displaying of the messages that's being disabled not the messages/mutators themselves.

For example: The RSS-Feed mutator within ServerExt has its own little Messages/Feeds Browser that you can view in-game by Typing 'mutate RSS browser' in the console command (for clients as well as admin). All Messages/Feeds can be viewed in this browser, it's just the broadcasting (=The Displaying of the messages/feeds in-game as CHAT) that's been disabled when running UT2Vote :hmm: .

Any other Suggestions/Solutions to solve this problem? :sniper:

Thanks :tup:

21st Dec 2005, 03:36 PM
For all Message and Chat monitoring or intervention to be disabled in UT2Vote the following needs to be set:
If using the ClanMatch facility then:

With the above settings the BroadcastHandler is not used at all in UT2Vote.

21st Dec 2005, 07:00 PM
:eek2: PROASM!!! \o/ !!!C0NGR4TUL4T!0N5!!! :clap:

Man, you hit the nail on the head at the first opportunity :tup: :tup:

indeed it was the damned 'bNoPlayerMute=True' :chainsaw: we have forgotten.
As the word 'mute' is too much sound related in real life :p I totally forgot it's used for chatmuting too :mwink:.

Anyway I -and not only I- am very gratefull for this Solution :2thumb:
I've been searching on alot of forums and I've seen many people with the same problem. hope they will ever read this thread :)

I'm glad the solution is as simple as this and doesn't disable key futures of UT2Vote (what would ut 2004 be without :( ) as there are enough mutators that can generate chatlogs or mute annoying players automatically.

Note to not confuse anyone: as stated by ProAsm, the 'bNoPlayerMute=True' AS WELL AS 'bUseChatLog=False' AND 'ClanPractice=False' (when using clanmatch facility), are required to make the Server side 'chat' messages work, and not just 'bNoPlayerMute=True'

I only liked UT2Vote for 100% , now i like it for 200% :lol:

Thanks alot both of you!!!

22nd Dec 2005, 01:31 AM
Glad we could be of service ;)