View Full Version : Quick question regarding sound

9th Dec 2005, 12:32 PM
how do i make a brush play sound, all the time.

i was finally able to import the sound file i want into my map, and can play it in unrealed by clicking play in the sounds menu. i have assigned it to the add brush that i want this sound to come from, but when in game, i hear nothing.

here are my sound settings for the brush:

ambientsound = the name of the sound
bFullVolume = True
SoundOcclusion = OCCLUSION_Default
SoundPitch = 64
SoundRadius = 200
SoundVolume = 230
TransientsoundRadius = 300
TransientSoundVolume = 900

i have recompiled everything, and then click the "play map!" icon. still no sound. what am i missing?

9th Dec 2005, 12:38 PM
i hate spending 2 hours on somthing, posting a msg, then figuring out the issue.

i reloaded the game and turned my sound all the way up. when i walked away from the object, it started playing, then fadded away. this tells me i have to mess with the radius settings some more.

anyone have any suggested settings? i want sound to come from a speaker in the corner of my room, that is 4096 square. as you get closer, it should get louder.

9th Dec 2005, 01:22 PM
ok, so now i have a second problem.

my goal with this sound is to have 4 speakers in one room, and have them play music for this room, then in a differnet room, same setup, but with a different song. I don't want the same song for the whole level, and i want the sound to appear to be coming from the speakers.

using the ambient sounds works well. however, if you die, or view through your translocator, the music starts over.

i know i've seen (heard) this done on other maps, so i can't be the first. i've searched the net, this site, and the training videos to find a way to do what i want. apparently i'm not searching by the correct terms though. anyone have some advice? i could really use it.