View Full Version : Devastation: Active Members

7th Dec 2005, 10:08 PM
A little heads-up regarding who is actually working on Devastation. Everything's sorted into neat litle categories (me being the organized person I am... :P).

Team Listing -- short name in parentheses
mrbond113 (MB or MrB)
Reciprocity (Rec)
McTerry (McT)
Revenga (Rev)
Rakiayn (Rak)

Active Coders
- mrbond113
- Revenga

Active Modelers
- mrbond113

Active Skinners
- mrbond113
- Revenga

Active Mappers (note that some may not be posting here for some reason or another)
- McTerry
- Reciprocity
- Substruction
- madd_cracker
- Rakiayn

I believe that knowing a little about the team can only help the cause. Additionally, because this is such a large project, assistance is accepted in any area. Just drop me a line: mrbond113 [at] hotmail [dot] com