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3rd Dec 2005, 02:52 PM
i have a paintgun mod that i am trying to put into my game, it is called paintgun.unr i tried to put it in the map file but it didn't work in the game. I dont really know where to put it or how to use it all i want is to be able to use the paintball gun.. can someone tell me where to put it and how to install it? and also, how do i use it in multiplayer against one of my friends? i would like to use it on him.. please give me detailed instructions on where to put it.. thanks a lot..:)

i dont know if unreal tournament goty is right but i have the very first one..

12th Dec 2005, 09:03 AM
O mod is not just a UNR file, so it should have another files (at least, a .u file).

.UNR files should really go into the Maps folder. That's correct. But, when you tried to use the map, what kind of error appeared? Was it some sort of lack of textures?

UT Goty comes with version 432, so it's not a problem unless this mod is so old that it doesn't support "newer" versions.

What mod are you talking about? Can you give a link??? Maybe I could help properly...