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30th Nov 2005, 06:40 PM

I read about your mod in pczone and been especially intrested in mods for first person shooters, I regualy play red orchestra which im sure you've all heard about.

Anyway normally when i play a mod thats got playabilty issues or serious lack of players id drop it and never touch it again, this one been the exception however becuase i belive with some love and a bit of work this has great potential. I like the graphics, the sounds, the weapons and the whole presentation is all top notch but like all modifications it has issues. The serious issue i have is concerned with the defence of maps. I just played a 2 v 1 with some friends & also with 16 bots and we could not get passed the first objective due to the uber powerfull defence cannons, they are far too powerful and the class to take these things out is too weak. The layout of cover is also unfair, the cover available does not seem to work well with the current turret placements. There is also too much arty. If you manage to get to cover from the turrets, your pretty much guaranreed to get blown in half from the shells. It needs more accsess routes and more effective areas for cover.

Now the lesser serious issues are concerned with the classes which are pretty cool also have alot of problems. The Anti-amour class's rocket launcher is too weak & slow. Also the second fire is not very effective. I think it would do better with a scope instead of been able to guide it or make the range on the turrets shorter also i think this class could use more armour. The other class which is the medic is not very effective especially with the health system. For such a fast paced game the medic can not heal fast enough. Its useless even when you take cover becuase it takes so long to revive health. How about bind a key to give health where it takes 2 maybe 3 seconds to revive to full health? But make sure you both have to be still to do this for sake of balancing?
Tweaking each indiviual classes movement speed would be a good edge, scout needs to be fast, machine gunners need to be slow.

I understand this is the first beta release and they are going to be problems but im supprised no one found this to be a big issue in the alpha testing. Sorry to rant on like this and thanks for taking time to read and like i said this has great potential.


30th Nov 2005, 08:19 PM
welcome to the forums!

thankyou for your comments, we have already started work on the next beta, to help fix the problem of the overpowered turrets and add more class tweaks in, a few of your suggestions are the same from the rest of the community and we are working to address them, your comments are noted :)

1st Dec 2005, 07:28 AM
Thanks for your comments, i'd like the medic idea. You said you've read it in pczone, Possible to get scans?

1st Dec 2005, 08:35 AM


Sorry about the quality, you can almost read the text in the first pic. This is the best my camera can do and i dont have access to a scanner.

1st Dec 2005, 01:21 PM
Thx for the comments - I will experiement with some balancing-methods for defenders/attackers.
Turret-balancing will get some further testing.

1st Dec 2005, 02:52 PM
I'm not 100% certain the rocket's alt-fire mode is not effective; it's great as a mortar-style round. Whilst fighting on BlackGold the other day, a pretty clever guy showed me (unintentionally!) how to use the rockets to take out the fuel pump from relative safety. Awesome. It just takes practice, is all.

1st Dec 2005, 04:59 PM
DA2 also features in the mini magazine which came with PC Zone Christmas Edition.. on the same pages as Dystopia, but it was clearly made before the magazine article was done as it was one of those "most wanted" things

2nd Dec 2005, 10:34 AM
PC zone is cool, they're like the only ones who excaly played the game...

14th Dec 2005, 08:10 PM
...How about bind a key to give health where it takes 2 maybe 3 seconds to revive to full health? But make sure you both have to be still to do this for sake of balancing?...

My only concern is that this puts the attackers at quite a disadvantage. No attacker would be able to stop and get healed while 1000s of rounds whiz by their head....they may as well cap themselves while they are at it.

The current healing method at least lets attackers use the medic "on the fly" while they press their attack.