View Full Version : More suggestions (teams and grenades)

21st Nov 2005, 07:42 AM
Suggestion concerning teams :
When you join game you are set to defending team (team 1). If another guy joins he's on attack (team 2). If a 3rd one arrives he's defending with you. This makes 2 vs 1 (not taking bots into consideration), and we know defending is easier. The attacker is here really in a bad situation (especially if the 2 enemy guys are mechs and putting turrets in every corner). My online experience has shown me that not everyone cares about this unbalance.
My idea would be to switch team numbers. Team 1 should be attack. Team 2 should be defense. Thus in the case of 3 guys, the game would be much balanced. And if you play alone... well I don't know for you, but in this case I prefer to play as an attacker. :)

Suggestion concerning grenades :
I know I won't make friends here, but IMO some classes shouldn't have grenades (mechs, medics and snipers).

Just thought I needed to say this. :)

21st Nov 2005, 09:51 AM
The code puts the defending side as higher priority, this for the offline mode. So it would look like you'd be defending against bots eventualy. (I think)

Medics and snipers currently have EMP, dunno about the termite nade.

21st Nov 2005, 10:01 AM
I got the idea to give the attackers a (configurable) lower spawn-delay. But I have to test this first...

Balancing the teams is a very tricky thing and I dont want to rush it. However, I got the impression that defenders are in the advantage and I havent heard once that its the other way round.