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19th Nov 2005, 02:05 AM
Since the private forum doesn't exist (and I have serious doubts that it ever will), I guess all the info and ideas passed around is public, but even so...

This is what I intend to have as the public storyline. This will be, esentially, what the player knows before even starting a new mission.

This original post is what was in the last team-wide e-mail. It is posted here for reference and refinement.


The human-Skaarj war has long since ended. The last skirmish was in 2354, when an entire Skaarj battle group on approach to Earth was eradicated by it's own weapons. A crack commando team boarded the Skaarj battlecruiser An'nthal and overpowered a complete Skaarj batallion. They then turned the An'nthal's particle cannons on the tightly-grouped fleet. With the fleet destroyed, the commando team placed several fusion detonators in the battlecruiser's power core, then escaped in the ship's escape pods.

Twenty years have passed since the destruction of the Skaarj battle group. The Earth is under the control of a unified government known as the New Earth Government, or NEG. Under the NEG, Earth's defensive and offensive capabilities have tripled, forming serveral joint military organizations, the most successful of which is the EAM: the Earth Aeronautic Military.

The year is 2374. You are Lieutenant Ethan Lakost, senior intelligence officer for Earth Military Tactical Opertations (EMTO, or M-Tops), a division of the EAM. You have completed several low-risk, high-payoff reconnaissance assignments, all of which have heralded tactical advantages in securing distant planets used for EAM outposts.

You recently transferred from Space Platform Zenith to the EMTO Operational Headquarters in Delcove, Egypt, NEG District 6. After settling into your cramped (but cozy) personal quarters, EMTO Command summons you to the Training Facility. After suiting up in your standard EAM-issue Personal Armor System (PAM), you walk to the EMTO Training Facility to review field operation procedures, ready to take on active field duty once again.