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Starry Might
17th Nov 2005, 09:51 PM
Good evening, class! :D

In tonight's lesson, I'm gonna teach you how to make and use .int files to store Bios for your custom characters.

I'm not sure which version of "UT 2004" made it possible to have character Bios in separate .int files (here's MxX's theory (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showpost.php?p=1936337&postcount=2)). But it's definitely possible now, and is, IMHO, the best way to do character Bios now.

So, okay! Let's see how it's done!

Let's say you have a character named "Joe Schmoe", and you wanna do his Bio using the "Separate .INT File" method. Here's how it's done:

(1) Make a new Text File.

(2) Rename it "JoeSchmoeBio.txt" (or something like that).

(3) Open it up and put the following in:


JoeSchmoe=Name: Joe Schmoe|Age: 30|Race: Human||Data:|Joe Schmoe is just an average Joe...albeit one who likes to kill people.||
Note: You must have "[DecoText]" (no quotes) at the top of the file for it to work!

Save and close Notepad/Wordpad/whatever.

(4) Rename the file "JoeSchmoeBio.int" (if you get a warning saying that changing the extension may make the file unstable, don't worry about it - just go through with it).

(5) This step assumes you have a .upl file made. Open it and change the "Text=" line to something like this:

Save and close it.

(6) Make sure both the .int and .upl files are in your System directory. Fire up "UT 2004", go to "Settings -> Player", and if you did everything right (and have the right version of "UT 2004"), the Bio will work!

Of course, you should change the filename, the Bio, etc., to suit your skin/model (unless you really are working on a skin/model named "Joe Schmoe" :lol: ;)).

EDIT: MxX made a topic in the "General and Off Topic" about my Tutorial. He'd like me to add something to it:

First of all congrats on that nice and crispy tut, it was truly a nice read.

Maybe you should also mention that it is possible to make the bio working for a certain laguage!
For Instance to get a german bio working just rename the .int-part of the bio so it reads .det. (YourSkinsBio.int -> YourSkinsBio.det)

I`ve seen skins with int-files including a german bio, that messes the whole thing a little bit up IMO. Here are the languages UT2004 supports AFAIK:

.int for english
.det for german
.frt for french
.est for spanish
.itt for italian

I love to make the bios compatible with more languages, unfortunately my TST-Pack "only" supports german and english. If someone wants to translate them into another language...you`re welcome :)
Original topic. (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?p=1939963)

Well, that concludes tonight's lesson! I hope you enjoyed it. :D