View Full Version : Order System?

1st Nov 2005, 02:02 AM
Maybe I've missed it but I've been missing one thing from UT2004 that isn't in DA2 and that's the order system. I'd love to be able give bots orders (Though whether all of them listen is up to them ;)) to hold certain positions, change classes when needed and repair turrets. I highlighted it in bold because the mechanic bots don't, on my computer anyway, seem to like repairing almost destroyed turrets.

Quite a few times I've been in dismay because of an objective falling because the bots didn't like defending in the optimal points. I'm not saying that their AI is bad, in fact it's astounding; However, I'd love to get bots to defend and attack areas they usually stay away from.

Maybe it's been slated for a later release, maybe I've missed it or maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I believe it'd be handy.