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28th Oct 2005, 01:27 AM
Ok, so here's the story. Today I got a G5. There are two alternatives for me. If I like it, then I keep it and sell my MX510 to a friend. If I am not too impressed with it, I return it.

So here are my impressions after one day:

Feel. This mouse just feels great. :D
Weights. I love weights. The heavier mouse feels easier to control, but I wish it could be even heavier. D:
Tilt wheel. I don't really use it much in Windows, but if I'm playing e.g. UT2004 I use it (wheel right = lightning, wheel left = rockets). Less comfortable than using regular buttons on my MX510, thuogh, and it makes the middle mouse button harder to press (which I use lots outside of games). It's also sticking out more, so it's less comfortable to rest my finger on it.
Laser! I really can't tell the difference much between the 2000dpi of the G5 and the 800dpi of my MX510. Seriously.
Buttons. The left and right buttons are just as good on my G5 as they are on my MX510. I do miss my second thumb button, though. Really. I know some people like it because it's bigger, or that the upper button was hard to press anyway. It's not really much bigger than the bottom thumb button, and I found the upper thumb button easy to reach. I use "tilt wheel right" instead of "upper thumb button", but it's not as comfortable. The sensitivity buttons I remapped to Minigun and Throw Weapon in UT2004, just like the buttons in the same location on my MX510. They're harder to press, though. I don't miss the button above the wheel, though. I never used it much anyway.
Misc. The cable is teh s3x. The Logitech logo is printed right onto the mouse.

Basically, all that wins this mouse for me is the adjustable weight and the cord. Not worth the money in my opinion.

I'll try it out for another couple days... I'm going over to a friend's place for a LAN and we'll be playing games. Lots of games. :) So far, though, it looks like I'll be returning it.

28th Oct 2005, 02:16 AM
fix your list! :[

28th Oct 2005, 01:12 PM
Whoops. Forgot "[/list]". It was late last night.

28th Oct 2005, 02:28 PM
I could live with not having any buttons above and below the wheel since I never use those anyway for anything in-game or not, but no second thumb button sucks. I don't understand how it could possibly be hard to hit that button... One's for the heel of your thumb; the other's for the tip. I might get a G5 but I don't know yet. I've only had my MX510 for ten months or so and it's been really good to me, so I'm not ready to toss it aside yet. I suppose my parents would enjoy it, though. Reading email with superb accuracy 4TW!

28th Oct 2005, 03:28 PM
Reading email with superb accuracy 4TW!
Ha! :D

I love my 510, but working at 1600x1200 with the high sens that I have it on and trying to edit an image per pixel, it's still not that accurate. The mx518 with the extra 800 dpi is probably a lot smoother at 1600 dpi. It's that and the g5 and it's lame lack of the second side button... wtf logitech. :/