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27th Oct 2005, 02:23 PM
Bones (http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/file/Bones;49388)
(Displays players and bots as skeletons. Robot skeletons can be enabled.
A bright skin option makes skeletons white, or red and blue, if a team game.)

http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/54/files2/49388_1t.jpg (http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/screenshots/File/49388/1) http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/54/files2/49388_2t.jpg (http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/screenshots/File/49388/2) http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/54/files2/49388_3t.jpg (http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/screenshots/File/49388/3) http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/54/files2/49388_4t.jpg (http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/screenshots/File/49388/4)

Note: I know. Angel_Mapper's Halloween Mask mutator (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=165708) has a version of the skeletonizer already in it and most people have already downloaded it. Since the Skeletonizer option is mutually exclusive from the masks anyway, it seems as though these probably should have been kept as separate mutators. Unfortunately, they are still mutually exclusive (you cannot use them both at the same time), but here, I updated my original Bones mutator so it now includes new skins and options.

DirtyBones (http://forums.unrealplayground.com/showthread.php?p=422023&t=35918)
(A "bare bones" version without the extra skins.
Skeletons look like the third pic.)

5th Nov 2005, 08:10 PM
Someone asked for a CTF4 version of this mutator. Here's the link:

Bones_CTFour (http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/file/Bones_CTF4_Compatible;49969)
(A version that supports four team colors for CTF4)