View Full Version : Riot Shields

26th Oct 2005, 10:10 PM
Now I have no idea as to what class might use this (perhaps make it map-specific?), but a riot shield would certainly add a little bit of amusing character to the game:

+It blocks all bullets, including those from the DFA turret and sniper rifle.
+Grenades will cause reduced splash damage if they land in front of the shield.
+The shield will be large enough to give cover to anyone hiding behind the user.
-The shield user can only use melee, pistol, and grenades to limited effect. He also moves much slower due to the weight of the shield.
-A direct crusher or rocket hit will still kill the user and will also send the shield flying back (using karma physics?) as a big hunk of scrap metal that will wipe out anyone lining up behind the guy with the shield.