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23rd Oct 2005, 02:59 PM

Defence Alliance 2 contains at this moment three differant objective types, which are: Destroyable, Touchtable and Useable.
This short tutorial only mentions destroyable, the other objectives are pretty much the same.



This is the 'static mesh' you need to place into your map as destroyable objective. You can change the staticmesh under 'Display>Staticmesh'

When you have done placing the objective in your map, you need to edit some things showing below.


[bonusTime] the time added to the game when this objective is completed
[bWinObjective] if this is your last objective you need to set it to 'true', otherwise at 'false' ofcourse.
[MUB+] this is the mission objective showed in the HUD. you can set the image you want to show, the time is message is shown and ofcourse the mission objective text.


[alarmRadius] the redius of the alarm that is playing when the objective is under attack (this is set by default)
[AlarmSound] the sound that is played (this is set by default)
[ExplosionType] you can set your emitter explosion effect here (this is set by default)
[Health] here you need to set the health of the objective

23rd Oct 2005, 03:06 PM

[DefensePriority] this you have to set from the first objective to the final from 9 to 0. So if you have 2 objectives, then the first objective should have priority 1 and the final objective 0.
[DefenseScriptTags] this is the event of the unrealscriptedsequence, unrealscriptedsequence is mentioned further on in the tutorial.
[ObjectiveName] here you have to set your name of the objective, this is also shown when you aim at the objective ingame.
[Score] the score the player gets when destroyed this objective

This is everything you need to do for the objective, now going furhter with the unrealscriptedsequence:


Place this actor where you want the bots to defend your objective. Also point it at the right direction.


As mentioned above here you have to set the event which you have filled in at [Destroyable>GameObjective>DefenseScriptTags]

Everything else is set by default.

23rd Oct 2005, 03:14 PM
Now the Buildbeacons where bots build turrets depending which objective is playing in the map at that moment.


Place this actor in the map where bots should build a turret or ammobox. Point the actor in the correct direction where the turret is going to point at.


[buildclass] The turret or ammobox that the bot should build
[Objective] the object of the current objective, shown below
[suggestbuild] the priority of the build
[Team] 0 for defenders, 1 for attackers


This is what you have to type in [Objective] in the buildbeacon actor.

23rd Oct 2005, 03:19 PM
If you want to let the player spawn a bit closer to the next objective, you have to place ONLY triggeredplayerstarts in your map


[Event.Tag] here you have to name the event of the objective which will be completed when you want to playerstarts to be activated. If the playerstarts are enabled (mentioned below) then you dont have to fill anything here.

[Playerstart.bEnabled] When this is the first spawn point of the game this should be 'enabled', if this playerstart is linked with an further objective which isnt completed yet set is this at 'false' (as mentioned above)
[TeamNumber] 0 for defenders, 1 for attackers