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15th Oct 2005, 04:35 PM
I took my first glance of this mod today. I would have to say I am impressed with it's graphical background and the layout. But fell short in disappointment in some areas that I thought I would touch in this glancing looking. I played on 4 servers today and the same results were evident to me in the style of game play that I would enjoy. First one is.....

Run speed:
I found the run speed of the models to be a bit slow if not unrealistic. This is a game after all but the mod is directed in a sense of realism. The models were running upright in a manner that I can only describe as being distant at best. It's not a beat down on the mod so please take this as constructive opinion. If it were me and I was running into a heavily armored area with turrents and live infantry. I would be running in as an infantry attacker myself at a much higher rate of speed. I would make the suggestion of optioning the run speed. For example when you crouch you begin to sneak and walk slower. And upright you run at a steady pace. However I would like to see a button option to press for sprint. This would allow you to run from point to point as a sniper and allow you to provide cover for your oponents. or make a dash for a door that you just absoultely are not going to make at current run speeds vs the turrents. Which concave your skull on impact.

Current ammo for specific types seem a bit off to me. Specifically the infantry class, which are typically light armored with heavily payloads for attack. To be even more specific, grenades. I would like to suggest for the infantry an amount of 10 or 2 different types, bouncing betty's would be a nice addition to this set. Although highly unlikely this will happen. It's something I would like to see. However the one thing I would absoutely love to see is the ability for snipers to do what they do best. Lay traps! It would be extremly delightful to see snipers able to lay trapped mines that are available for the defending side. And the infantry to have thier rifles replaced in specific areas with MP5's which are a little more modern.

Collision in this mod seems a bit tight but realistic. In certain cases as I mentioned in the bugs section, I was able to get myself stuck between turrents and sandbags. The collsion box on these would seem to need a bit of width to them but not by much. As to keep the original aspect of the game.

Well this is all I can type for now since I have to goto work. All and all I overly enjoyed the mod itself. If there was one other thing I could change. it would be the Half Life 2 voice modules for the lacerations to be slightly increased. As I found myself straining to hear them on any set level.

15th Oct 2005, 06:46 PM
Run Speed: Some classes run faster then others and there is a reason for that. It helps to balance out the classes.

Ammo: The problem is if people have massive amounts of grenades. They would probably chuck all of them at a doorway and make it very difficult for the attackers. Having 2 types of grenades sounds cool and traps might work. Although MP5's are modern now. They would seem like antiques when put alongside all the other weapons in the game.