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8th Oct 2005, 07:19 PM
First: Thanks for the great mod.


I noticed the following things:

Armor: The only class having armor is infantry, with a +6 rating - you REALLY should like explain that, or simply say: they have armor the others don't. Since you usually die from a few shots, i don't really think a +6 armor (if armor was subtracted from damage) would help at all... so it probably is "calculated" otherwise... really, you can't judge if +6 armor is any good or not... i noticed i die a bit harder, and it takes 3 instead of 2 shots to get killed from a sniper..
but that's all..

Medic: What about making a (usable) medpack for the medics? that way they could heal another soldier nearby much faster, while not being able to shoot theirselves while wielding the medpack. You might want to remove or weaken the "healing aura" medics have now, though...

Mechanic: Definately need to tweak this fella a bit. Mechanics get no points never. They should be awarded points for constructing turrets or (later) mission objectves, though.

Also, i think they deserve some armor.. it's just about impossible not to get killed having only two close combat weapons and having to be in the line-of-fire constructing things...

Gameplay: Fine - turrets are a bit over the top, but otherwise it's okay. As propsed in another thread i'd appreciate it, if you had the option of choosing spawn points. especially with 2 human players + bots on a single server, you almost never get to meet the other guy. Although, it makes it much harder for the attackers to coordinate their attacks.

9th Oct 2005, 06:19 AM
Right now, armor is calculated absolute, that mean, it gets substracted from the damage. This results in a good protection against small caliber but a bad protection against big caliber and grenades. The alternative would be the usual relative armor, where the damage is multiplied with a factor (0.9 would be a 10%-armor).
Absolute armor is the more realistic solution, relative armor could in this case be better for gameplay.

We definately didnt want only medpacks (like in BF) and used the aura instead, cause it fits more into the fast-paced action of DA2. Additional medpacks are discussable.

The mechanic will definately get score for his work in 1.1. Armor for other classes than the Infantry was and will be further considered.