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That One Guy
7th Oct 2005, 12:22 AM
First off, I absolutely love the mod. It's one of the first teamplay based games that doesn't feature some retarded reticule bloom that takes all the fun out of spraying away with full auto weaponry. The atmopshere of the battles, charging along with artillery landing all around you, or desperatly trying to hold off a choke point, it just all works flawlessly.

The machine gunner's alt fire seems odd to use while still being able to run around. While it keeps the pace of the fighting up, it just seems kinda unnatural. Maybe I've just been playing Day of Defeat too long, lol. Any feedback on why the machine guns don't have to be mounted to use the alt fire on?

I'm sure you guys have discussed this internally, but any word on vehicles on the maps? I'd love to see a map where the attacks have to make an assault across an open battlefield using two man attack vehicles while the defenders have fun things like a tank or two to hold off attackers. The main fight would be across a trench filled battlefield with the various objectives of breaching the front lines, getting into the enemy fort/base/whatever and then blowing up the generator/defense fields/whatever.

I'd imagine a few vehicles would be like a two man assault buggy with one man driving and the other gunning. A two, or even three man tank. Depends if you want the driving to be independent like a real tank. Some form of APC would be friggin awesome for attackers to get to use. A battlefield where the attackers have to get in as far as possible with the apc would be hella fun.

Another weapon that would be rather fun is some sort of really badass melee weapon. I know the cold cock is probably as far as you want to take melee, but some form of independant melee weapon that is just really vicious looking, like a giant arm blade that could retract into a holster on the arm, could be really fun.

7th Oct 2005, 06:39 AM
hello and welcome to the forums!

to answer your first question, me and spec did have the idea of allowing the machine gunner to mount his weapon to concreate barricades, boxes or fox holes using the right click, but nothing came of it.

Vehicles are planned yes, for a few maps like you have suggested. They wont be in v1.1 as we will be looking at balancing issues, also vehicles do take time to build + the maps to use them in.

Melee idea is nice, this is a bit far into the future, but as our main long term goal to to have a different enemy (rather than just playing against your on people - Alliance) this could be introduced as one of their weapons, however that all depends on when we find someone to model/animate them, so the sooner someone contacts us who has decent skills to match the current work the quicker they can be introduced

That One Guy
7th Oct 2005, 11:58 PM
I'll talk to some of the guys I know. The Specialists is slowly creeping in on its last version so there may be some people who I work with who'll be antsy for work.
I'm really excited about this mod just because it mirrors so many of the ideas I had for my own mod. One that features insanely intense "splat you're dead" combat, lots of artillery raining down around you, etc. So a lot of the ideas I'll drop here are just things from my own thoughts as to what I wanted to do for a game.

8th Oct 2005, 06:25 AM
OKay thanks for that!

One of the reasons why some of our features are not included in Beta 1.0 was if it needed a model or animating.... (vehicles, weapons, classes etc) we could not make anything, so we had to work around it, or leave it out for now. Thats the reason why both teams are the Alliance, and why we only have one main model.

That One Guy
8th Oct 2005, 10:45 PM
I'll do my best to get you guys some extra help then. I really want to see this mod grow.

One thing I've always wanted to see sniper rifle wise was a sniper file that shot giant spikes. Thus allowing you to remove limbs/heads/and on chest shots nail people to the wall.

Barring that change to the sniper rifle, I would rather like to see it remove limbs and heads. Killing someone via leg shot and watching said leg get ripped away from them would be great, gory fun.

Death Touch
9th Oct 2005, 02:57 AM
I love the teamplay aspect.
I love the idea of Classes.
Love the weapon configurations.Like the futuristic setting.

However, some things I'd like to point out.After playing for a while I noticed a few minor things that may need to be improved. These are just my ideas and observations for DA2 for UT2004.
1. Snipers seem to be very inaccurate. Recoil ssem excessive. While I like the Zoom ability of the video aiming device, I notice that I cannot seem to hit nor damage anything with Sniper Rifles in this game. There is no feedbakc as to where my rounds went or if they hit anything. Recoil seem extremely excessive as I found myself several times looking straight up into the air perpendicular to the ground. IMO recoil should be most evident when moving. Recoil should be decreased when still, and further decreased when crouched.
IMHO Sniping in DA is very poor.
2. Assault class seemed most versatile. Appreciate the Video Zoom feature in the rifle as well. IMHO same rules apply for rifles, Bonus for stillness and crouching, penalties for moving and standing. Currently the weapons in general have excessive cone fire, and IMHO should be turned down a notch and the bonus.penalty dynamic implementd.
3. HeavyGunner. The LMG in the game while visually very appealing is a complete disaster ingame. Excessive recoil makes this wepaon unviable ingame and a frustrating experience. Tighten cone fire and implement movement/stance bonuses and penalties here as well.
4. Maps.
While maps are also visually appealing the construction seems to be to much of an Ambush theme. There is a choke point and the player cannot deviate from it. IMHO this is frustrating and enforces excessive negative feedback. The lack of applying alternate tactics and strategy for the player limits the potential of DA to become greater than it is. Please review map layouts to include separate entryways as forcing playr into a funnel point cause frustration and makes the Defending team be able to dominate exclusively, Not a fun situation. Also, the issue of getting stuck in certain map locations should be reviewd. In trying to circumvent the overpowering Turrets I tried to make way along mountainous terrain and promptly got stuck in a tree. Not good. Happened several occasions.

I also suggest :
More weapons.
More Specialized Units.
Innovative maps. (combat between two moving spacecraft, combat in a sky city, combat in a city on water, combat in an urban setting, combat in a city ruin,)
Implementation of Squad Logo, such as WarHammer: DOW, in which you can customize your unit's colors and flag, etc.

5. "Noob Tubing" The employment of a rocket against an Infantryman is something that is usually looked down upon. I encountered it again and again in DA2. IMHO there shold be some way of dissuading the use of rockets against soldiers as their main purpose is to destroy fortified positions and vehicles, not soldiers.
6. Skins/Textures.
Overall very good quality, however, IMHO they look a little too shiny, reflective, and highly lighted, rather than "natural" looking. Reducing gamma and reflectiveness may decrease the "stand out" and unnnatural look they currently have.
7. Character skins.
Currently they look acceptable however, the silver skin does have that overly shiny quality and IMHO may look a little campy and amateurish.
I believe a return to a more natural Combat Soldier look, perhaps a combination such as thos seen in HALO and HALO 2, may do the trick here.
8. Better teamplay.
Implementation of Squad Formation and a Squad Leader may be a nice feature to introduce. This may enhance teamplay and encourage new players to join a Fire Team. BF2 currently provides the player with this simple,classic feature.The incluson of voice commands IMHO shoudl be integral to Squad Based Tactical Play.

9th Oct 2005, 06:07 AM
Here the current recoil-modifying factors:
- When moving at max speed: 1.2 to 2.6 (The heavier the weapon the higher the malus when moving)
- When mid-air: 2.0
- When crouching: 0.5
- When supported (behind a low wall, crate, ammobox and so on): 0.4
- When using zoom/ironsight: 0.85
The factors are cumulative.

Conefire is minimal and represents the minimum deviation of your bullets. The first shot is never affected by recoil and only by conefire.

...I dont know how you used the sniperrifle, but its supposed to be used crouching/supported, standing still and zoomed - when done so, only lag can deviate your aim.

Rocketlaunchers will get a nerf against close-combat/anti-infantry and a buff for anti-turret.

9th Oct 2005, 07:18 AM
Hello, some very nice ideas regarding map flow, I myself have spent a great deal of time in maps watching the attacks. Which led me to this idea of specific map buildables. This would be where 'Ghost' ladders appear on walls and a mech (attacker or defender) could go up to it and repair.

This for attackers could allow them to climb up the side of a strucutre and advance in two ways across, or allow team mates to gain higher ground to take out turrets. Expanding the idea further there are many many things the mapper can use this feature on.... Bridges? attacking mechs could see a brige (maybe a plank of woold) repair that or a ramp to actually get into the base. The idea here would be to create additional routes of entry which need to mechanic to finish them off. Defenders could counter act these by destroying them, so it would give a lot more strategy.

Of course there could be switches ingame, which open tunnel gates or blast doors using a mover.

On the maps side : 1 team is not supposed to be the 'attacker' really both teams where going to look very different, and in some maps the Alliance would be attacking while the enemy 'X' is defending. But for now it was best to keep as it is, to save any confussion as to what each team did. However I do have 1 map in mind where both teams attack and defend. :)

On the note of skins : We developed several skin types. Desert, Urban, Snow, Jungle and one more i think. Each one would be picked to allow the alliance to blend much more into the maps theme. However without the enemy forces in yet. We had to remove camo skins and just apply one to each. Thats why sometimes the skins look wrong for the map your are playing.

Thankyou for your suggestions, I keep your list in mind