View Full Version : [DA2 v1.0.0] Known Bugs / Issues

4th Oct 2005, 05:22 AM
This is a list of the bugs people have so far reported in DA2 v1.0.0 (beta)

If you have a problem with DA2 which is already listed here then there is no need to post it again, unless you have found a different way of creating it or is slightly different. :)

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The scopes on weapons and the turret have a green bubble like texture.
You must have an old graphics card as it cannot render the zoom effects. It seems we havent put any fallback textures so the default one is the bubble one by UT2004. We will ensure that it is fixed in DA2 v1.1.0

My 'xyz' Weapon stops working, I can't fire anymore.
Yes this has been seen, however only since release of DA2 v1.0.0, if you have this bug please post more information about it

Sometimes I can't change weapons by pressing 1 and 2, you'll need to use the mouse wheel to do it.
That is because the weapon slots in DA2 do not match the UT2004 ones so - will be addressed in v1.1.0

Sniper is transparent when dead
This is not a bug, the sniper becomes transparent when standing still.

If a mgunner manned a turret and it gets deconstructed, the mgunner will die and can't respawn.
This is a bug we couldn't address since due to our release schedule. If you get caught, try "suicide" on the console.