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10th Sep 2005, 03:58 PM
Greetings, all! This is the forum for anything pertaining to releases or WIPs, including all manner of public and internal Beta, Alpha, and Full releases, as well as screenshots and other WIP media.

As such, the following guidelines should be followed:
1) Do not request info here. Any info you would like should be directed, via e-mail, PM, or otherwise, to the specific author. If you are unsure which author to contact, contact me (mrbond113), and I'll relay your request to the proper author.
2) Re-size WIP pictures. use the [SCREENSHOT] tag to resize attached WIP pictures to prevent extending the screen, or even slowing the appearance of the forum itself.
3) Release notifications. Generally, the latest important release (Public Beta or Full releases) will be posted as a sticky thread. This is to maintain an easy-to-find repository for bug reports, suggestions, and the like.

Other than those, use general common sense when posting. Given that this section of the forum is catered specifically for releases and/or pending releases, non-devteam members are encouraged not to start new threads.