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21st Aug 2005, 12:47 PM

Ive been working on an idea for a military sci/fi game for some time now. Its sort of a mix of ideas - influenced by things like starship troopers, bubble gum crisis, maschinen krieger, battletech.

The mod is tentatively called Battlearmor. The idea is a semi-realistic, tactical combat experience in different terrain ( urban is the primary - lunar, jungle, desert are all anticipated as well ). The conflict takes place between mixed groups of soldiers - some are pilots in sort of miniature, 10 ft tall mechs called battlearmor, while others are "naked". The goal is to balance classes so that, for instance, only a pilot can use battlearmor - a soldier carrying an assault rifle cannot. Battlearmor should also "cost" more to lose, perhaps by making the pilot class more expensive as far as tickets go than a standard soldier.

Battlearmor is almost impervious to small arms fire, and carries very heavy firepower - capable of carrying a minigun, or a fifty caliber machine gun, or a rocket pod, and of course hand to hand weaponry in the form of retractable blades. They are very powerful and maneuverable comapred to tanks - able to go places larger tracked vehicles cannot. But unfortunately, they usually cannot enter buildings ( doors are too small ) and if they can, they need to be careful. A 10 ft tall human weighing over half a ton stomping around inside of a building is not conducive to the buildings structural integrity. In other words, the floors might give out.

Tanks and other vehicles are anticipated, but I'd like to see the armor in the game first.

The game takes place in a near future, 30 to 60 years from now, during one of earth's endless global conflicts. The political details of the game's backstory have yet to be solidified, but suffice to say that i am planning a cold war analog, something between a "western" force and an "eastern" force. I have my eye on the hydrogen bomb too. I am leaning towards a sort of retro-futurist feel here.

Anyhow, I'm looking for people. I'm a passable coder, a capable artist, but theres a lot I don't know and someone who can pass on info on how to do things would be preferred. I currently have a model of the battlearmor and some rifles, but I could use some help with the texturing, rigging and importing.

A level editor would be a big big plus. I have ideas, but my hands are full witht the concept art and the associated modeling. A test range sanbox level would be a perfect first step.

If you'd like to see some concept renders, they can be found at:


Email me at devnul256@ yahoo.com if you'd like to talk some more.