View Full Version : Reversed Mirror Image of Gun and other problems.....

16th Aug 2005, 09:17 PM
Ok well I have a few problems...... I'm trying to make some custom maps for Zombie Invasion use.hehe And I don't want to use the standard UT2k4 weapons so I loaded up the LawDogs Western .U file and added some sawed off shotguns and stuff but the problem is that when I go into the game and pick up the gun I see a mirrored image that is upside down of the gun. And the mirrored gun sometimes changes positions. Can anyone tell me what I can do to get rid of the mirrored image of the gun?

Also another problem.......is there any way I can added respawning vehicles or add a vehicle factory to a DM map? I know I can add vehicles by using the Pawn Actor but the problem is that they don't respawn and the vehicles death animation like the fire that's left after it blows up is still on the map and you can actually shoot at the fire and it acts as though the vehicles is still there. So any help on these subjects would be most appreciated.

Thanx and L8R!