View Full Version : Shading Voted Maps

15th Aug 2005, 11:50 AM

I love the UT2Vote mod, and I think it has all the features I could want except one.

I use map limits so that the same maps do not get voted all the time. I have a good number of maps, so the map limit is set pretty high. The problem is that the map is removed from the list, rather than shaded out. People connecting to the server for the first time looking for their favorite map leave because they don't see it, or they think they don't have as many choices as they really have, or people question me asking "Why did you remove xxxx map!!!!"

Is this feature in there and I just don't see it? Or has it been discussed already?



15th Aug 2005, 05:04 PM
The limit maps are listed but only the Admin can see them.
We originally thought of making them 'grayed out' to players but unfortunately you cannot 'shade' or 'gray out' anything in the Listboxes that the game uses, so we just made the visible to Admins.