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10th Aug 2005, 10:29 AM
Skin/Model Name: Mechanatrix_ver2.0
UT(99/2k3/2k4): UT2003 retail+ Note the ReadMe states this model is for 2k3 but I've tested it in 2k4 and it works fine - has vehicle sitting animations
System Requirements: None specified / Not applicable
Author: FunkaDelic (http://skincity.beyondunreal.com/?section=author&action=show_infos&id=91)
Download: SkinCity 4.25MB (http://download.beyondunreal.com/fileworks.php/skincity/ut2k4/ut2k4_mechanatrix_ver20.zip)


http://img359.imageshack.us/img359/7811/mechanatrix3ag.th.jpg (http://img359.imageshack.us/img359/7811/mechanatrix3ag.jpg)

Model: Original
Animation: Custom Animation
Voice: Default Voice - Merc Female
Other: N/A

Support (SP/MP/Both): Both - Single Player and Multiplayer
Support (Team Colours) (None/2/4): 2
Known Issues: None
Additional Info: From The ReadMe;

There's three different versions of the model for you to choose from in character selection menu (default, stealth and elite). The main difference between the three is a different skin color for non-team games. All three models use the same red/blue skins for team games.

The Stats:
Polycount: 5115
Textures: Deatmatch skin, Team skins, Glass shader for Transparent bits.
Animations: Custom skeleton, Custom animations: 86 sequences.
Karma: Custom Ragdoll

Software used:
Modeling, rigging, animation: Maya 4.0-6.0.
Textures: Photoshop 7.0.
UnrealED, ActorX for Maya

Build Time: On and off one and a half years :eek:


Three new characters for the game... The model itself is a hybrid female character with mechanical features and a long long pointy tail. Sound good? Read on!

The Good:

The fact that the model is somewhat higher poly from the norm (which I'd like to see more of), given it's own skeleton and with an all new animation set means the author put a whole lot of work into getting this character into the game for us. A labour of love one might say. Some of the animations in particular are excellent e.g., legs splitting during a mid-air jump, all the death animations are just cool, the species specific anim is excellent with her balancing in the air on her tail. Finally there are a few more really good taunts but I won't give too much away as they've really to be seen to be appreciated.

All are available as the player's character in Single Player mode which is a plus and another plus is that the bio is written into the .upl file so no need for editing xplayers info (which later gets wiped with every patch).

All LOD's are set correctly.

Finally, the ReadMe instructions re. installation are easy to follow (no "I don't know where to put it" here).

The Bad:

Only one thing stands out here as being bad and that's the skinning of the face. Washed out, white and ugly. Unfortunately all three models use the same face so if one's bad they're all bad. Nothing wrong with the bodies though. The author said and I quote "I purposely didn't paint any lighting or shadow into the textures. With such a high vert count, I figured I would let the level lighting in the UT maps handle lighting and shadows."

The Bottom Line:

Excellent model, excellent all-new animations. 3 versions to choose from (default/stealth's best, elite's worst - too white) and a white face to ruin the package. Not the kinda thing I'd keep but other people will surely love this.


24th Aug 2005, 08:43 AM
This one is also a good skin and ends up with a

Total score of 6.75/10

24th Aug 2005, 09:26 AM
This one is also a good skin and ends up with a

Model with a good skin :D

24th Aug 2005, 09:31 AM
Model with a good skin :D
:eek: oops, how clumsy...I`m sorry

-slaps herself for this totally n00bish post-

24th Aug 2005, 09:34 AM
-slaps herself for this totally n00bish post-

HeHe . :)

24th Aug 2005, 09:35 AM
:p nobody is perfect, but I thought my name was nobody :p

24th Aug 2005, 10:20 AM

4th Oct 2009, 01:19 AM
there's another problem, klasnic. She sometimes disappears in-game.

4th Oct 2009, 01:57 AM
there's another problem, klasnic. She sometimes disappears in-game.

There is no need for gravedigging . His post was from 2005.