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8th Aug 2005, 01:08 AM
Name: Septimus
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2004 & ECE Bonus Pack (http://download.beyondunreal.com/browse.php?cat=3)
Type: Skin for Metal Guard (original Model)
Author: Spinetheft (http://skincity.beyondunreal.com/?section=author&action=show_infos&id=874) (using Zenodey (http://www.skincity.beyondunreal.com/?section=author&action=show_infos&id=256)'s "Mesto (http://www.skincity.beyondunreal.com/?section=skins&action=show_infos&id=2146)" Skin)
Teamcolors: 0
Additional Info:
Character is not choosable for player`s character in SinglePlayer-mode.
Character can`t be chosen as teammate in SinglePlayer-mode.
All abilities (skills, voice, fav. weapon...) are unchanged
Known Issues: None
Download: Skincity - 1,93 MB (http://download.beyondunreal.com/fileworks.php/skincity/ut2k4/septimus_ut2k4.zip)

Septimus - The Metalguards are still seeking new members:

This skin is based on the Mesto Skin by Zenodey and fits good into the MG-Troops.

The pros:
The dark color sheme mixed with the red colors makes him look a MG in a real bad mood.
A nice and good in game working portrait is always worth to be mentioned.

The cons:
I don`t understand why so many skins are without any teamcolors.
Only Deathmatch compatible skins are for the most UT addicted people in best case a "Nice to have".
There is no bio available. Truly it`s not the most important thing (the paintjob is surely much more important for a good score), but they`re the small details which are making skins "perfect"

Words by reviewer:
All in all this is a nice skin, which would have gotten a much better score with Teamcolors.
True Metalguardfans will surely download this and maybe make the teamcolors on their own.

Total Score: 5/10

11th Aug 2005, 07:27 AM
A lot of promise that this could've been a good skin. It's by no means bad just needs to be less rushed and have more work put into it ;)

Hopefully the author will revise this and add the tcs too.

Total Score: 5/10

22nd Aug 2005, 08:25 AM
Unfortunately a skin without any teamcolors is nearly useless for me, due I never play DM. It just lacks the tactical stuff... I only play TDM for "warm up"

I agree with MxX and klasnic that it would`ve gotten a better rating with TC, but without tmen there remains a
Total score: of 4/10