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5th Aug 2005, 12:27 AM
Name: Fox Foxes
System Requirements: Unreal Tournament 2004 (retail version+)
Type: Custom Modelpack
Author: X (http://skincity.beyondunreal.com/?section=author&action=show_infos&id=875&PHPSESSID=9943135163970e5f0025e194d0664b39)
Teamcolors: 0
Additional Info:
Characters are not choosable for player`s character in SinglePlayer-mode.
Characters can be chosen as teammate in SinglePlayer-mode.
The standart characteristics for Mercs (voice, fav. Weapon, skill, ) were taken unchanged.
Known Issues: None
Download: Skincity - 12,65 MB (http://download.beyondunreal.com/fileworks.php/skincity/ut2k4/ut2k4-foxfoxes.zip)

The hunting season for foxes has been opened:

Obviously this modelpack is dedicated to some Fox celebrities. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I don`t know the originals.

The pros:
Working (standart Female Merc) animations and a clothing style remembering Austin Power`s girls.

The cons:
This modelpack lacks any team color and the bios are just made to have a few words.
The head seems quite to big for the model and the portraits don`t achieve their purpose.

Words by reviewer:
For Captain Stingray fans (you remember the series from the 60ies?) this could be worth a look.
At least teamcolors would have been nice, using skins only for death matches is not the best option for most of the players

Total Score: 3/10

25th Aug 2005, 09:37 AM
sorry, i can`t recomment that skinpack for download. It was instantly terminated.

sorry, only a total score of 2.5/10 remains