View Full Version : Unreal maps for use in UT... best place to get????

Napalm Joe
29th Nov 1999, 04:17 PM
1) Hey, has anyone tried Unreal usermaps with UT??? Any special things to do, or just put 'em in the map directory???

2) What is the best place to download Unreal DM maps????? Also, please comment on your favorite DM games from Unreal, I wanna stack up on the best ones.

I HATED Unreal's multiplayer, so I am unfamiliar with the maps there, and never saw any of the user-created stuff that came out later. UT simply rocks, I can't wait to see the action on some of the user-created levels.


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Napalm Joe-VED
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29th Nov 1999, 05:14 PM
Best place to go for new Unreal/UT maps? Nali City. http://www.planetunreal.com/nalicity/

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11th May 2000, 12:42 PM
Heheh, I love reviving old topics.

Most of the DM maps from Unreal 1 are spectacular...if you try them out in LAN games, that is.