View Full Version : ok lil help here please

27th Jul 2005, 03:46 AM
i am trying to run a dedicated server and using serverdoc to watch and start the server when it crashes

problem is i am new to this mod server

i have installed the dedicated ut2004 server with the latest patch
i have downloaded the beta 2 utxmp. when i extract it do i move all the files into the ut2004 respective folders or do i leave the structure as is when extracted?

do i have to use a made up batch file or use like serverdoc? what would be the commandline for this? in serverdoc it needs ucc server but thats not located in the utxmp folder so it dies. when having it work from the ut2004/system folder it just dies and the ucc log shows nothing as to why it died
i would appreicate it if i could get a little help on the dedicated server side of the house please

27th Jul 2005, 01:48 PM
It goes in /UT2004/UTXMP/. You can start a server with a batfile, this works the same as starting a regular UT2004 server, except you add "-mod=UTXMP" to the options. Note that you will need to have downloaded the full beta 2 archive if you didn't have it installed before.

ucc server XMP-Garden -mod=UTXMP <other options>