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25th Jul 2005, 10:24 AM
First of all thanks for the great work on this mutator.
I started using UTvote with version 49, I also have been modyfying my weapon at my server..... a lot.

Everything was fine til version 51, I updated my rifle and Utvote to version 51 the first week of july, and soon after that the drama started.

some players where acusing other players of cheating, some players never got damage from the rifle, you where able to shot them over 100 times and nothing....... It happens probably 3 times a day, and I didnt knew what was the cause.

But it wasnt a cheat at all, It was a bug and it started when I updated the rifle, I did a roll back on both rifle and UTvote mutator, and for a while I was thinking the problems was with the rifle.

I rework the script, put a new version of the rifle for 2 weeks, everything was ok, never has a problem........and then I uploaded UtVote51 to the server last week.

The damage bug started again, this time the rifle was working good for 2 weeks with UTvote50, I look everywhere to see if was any kind of cheat , until someone try to kill me on 1 ocation and told me I was cheating........

I roll back to UTvote 50, everything working good..................

I dont know if there is a conflict with both mutators yet, or if other people are experiende the same problem at other servers, It will be helpfull for me to hear about this bug coming from another Admin with a diferent weapon on his server to eliminate any posibility of a conflict betwen my rifle and UTvote51.

Any comments on this are apreciated, you guys are welcome to stop by my forums at:


My server IP:

Thanks for the good work

25th Jul 2005, 12:12 PM
Hi, this sounds like some sort of conflict we have here and I would need more information on what your Rifle does etc.
Maybe you could email me with the source as well as a detailed description on what it does etc.
UT2Vote in no way does anything to any weapons at any time, except on level changeover where it resets the weapons to standard as there are some mods out there that modify a weapon then not reset it when the game finishes thus causing a "Incompatible Game Files" when joining another server.

The following code is what resets the weapons on level changeover in UT2Vote and can be the only clash thats happening with you.

function ServerTraveling(string URL, bool bItems)
local int i;

class'xPawn'.default.ControllerClass = class'XGame.xBot';
class'Xweapons.AssaultRifle'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.AssaultFire';
class'Xweapons.AssaultRifle'.default.FireModeClass[1] = class'Xweapons.AssaultGrenade';
class'Xweapons.BioRifle'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.BioFire';
class'Xweapons.BioRifle'.default.FireModeClass[1] = class'Xweapons.BioChargedFire';
class'Xweapons.ShockRifle'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.ShockBeamFire';
class'Xweapons.ShockRifle'.default.FireModeClass[1] = class'Xweapons.ShockProjFire';
class'Xweapons.LinkGun'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.LinkAltFire';
class'Xweapons.LinkGun'.default.FireModeClass[1] = class'Xweapons.LinkFire';
class'Xweapons.Minigun'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.MinigunFire';
class'Xweapons.Minigun'.default.FireModeClass[1] = class'Xweapons.MinigunAltFire';
class'Xweapons.FlakCannon'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.FlakFire';
class'Xweapons.FlakCannon'.default.FireModeClass[1] = class'Xweapons.FlakAltFire';
class'Xweapons.RocketLauncher'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.RocketFire';
class'Xweapons.RocketLauncher'.default.FireModeClass[1] = class'Xweapons.RocketMultiFire';
class'Xweapons.SniperRifle'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.SniperFire';
class'Xweapons.SuperShockRifle'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.SuperShockBeamFire';
class'Xweapons.SuperShockRifle'.default.FireModeClass[1] = class'Xweapons.SuperShockBeamFire';
class'Xweapons.ZoomSuperShockRifle'.default.FireModeClass[0] = class'Xweapons.ZoomSuperShockBeamFire';

i = InStr(Caps(URL), "MUTATOR=");
if (i != -1)
RemoveAllPackages(); // removes all ut2vote serverpackages
AttachAllPackages(URL); // attaches all ut2vote serverpackages

if (!bSwitching && !bRestart && !bNextlevel)
if (URL == "?Restart")
bNextLevel = true;
Level.NextURL = "";
DoServerTravel("?restart", false);

if (NextMutator != None)


25th Jul 2005, 02:47 PM
The Weapon I have is just a modify version of ProSniperRifle, as a mutator it reset itself every time the map change (I see when it happens on my log files).
It would be more easy for me to know what activate the bug, but I dont know that yet since we can play 3 maps or more and it plays just fine, but something is causing it.

I dont think UTvote51 does anything to the weapon, But It may be related to how the weapon see the player, perhaps something to do with chat Icons, I dont know At this point but it seems that when the bug happen the player afected just finnish typing something.

I will send you the files tonigth, thanks for the help.