View Full Version : DM-1ON1-OUT OF RULE

12th Jul 2005, 12:11 PM
ooo yess i'm returned after BigDam with this map

you know how many i'm crazy ?

noooo sooo few i'm more & more crazy

i show u with this map

a map to broken all rule of 1 on 1 DM

never map is similar to this map

you don't have see never a map equal !!!

claustrophobic ? don't download this

fear ? don't donload this

i can reach the best big horror nightmare in this map

no bot admitted... only 1 on 1 brain to win the match

my think ? originality ....

170 mover waiting u in this maze out of space

go to download & write me wath u think

the title is all to descrive the map

Out Of Rule

download now 2.0 mb


go in game & walk sooo fast