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9th Jul 2005, 12:55 PM
So I looked over the last one year of posts to see if this hasn't already been covered - may have been anyways but I tried :)

Now that we have UT2Vote running on our server, some folks are clamouring for more choices in the map selection since they are all voteable (have 15 maps to choose from right now)

Thats all well and good but I really wanted to avoid a certain problem (at least I see it as a problem) and even with 15 maps its starting to crop up.

We run a 22 player ONS server - many times during voting it will run like this.


You get the idea. A couple people choose a map that gets the "majority" vote, the other 2/3 to 3/4 of the folks on the server go "ugh, I don't like that map" - then they leave. They never change thier vote or think to change thier vote seeing as all *their* map needs is one or two people to switch...

Have you given thought to a run off system at all?

If 20 players at start of vote then winning map must get at least 6 votes (you'd have to account for people bailing during the vote, etc)

If it isn't there with 10 seconds left in voting - tack on another 5 to 10 seconds of vote time, remove all map choices leaving only top two vote getters up to that point - spam "runoff" over voice to get people to choose again - and of course, remove any vote limits or what have you at this point - whichever gets the top # of votes wins.

There are probably some goofy number combinations (matrix?) that would have to be sussed out (what triggers runoff with 16 players, 10 players - hell in those cases if less than 10 players on the server don't even use the runoff system???)

Thinking out loud here - I would like to drop more maps on our server but I really do not want to see maps win with 2 or 3 votes when the server is filled with 22 people and then watch the resulting exodus - this will at least mitigate that to some extent.

Thanks for listening (BTW - love the chat icons over people's heads - any chance of color choices there? - no matter - makes it much easier to see the stationary targets for manta squishing - love it!)


EDIT: Now that I think about it, an even easier way to do this would be if voting is set for 30 seconds, after 20 seconds have passed, remove all maps but the top two, tack on 5 extra seconds for voting (leaving 15 seconds left to choose either of the two maps remaining) and zero out the votes making everyone vote again but only on those two maps. Its a thought...

9th Jul 2005, 04:54 PM
we have something that comes close to what your talking about already find [UT2Vote51.UT2VoteVoting]
try setting that to 85 this will probly do what your looking for

9th Jul 2005, 09:01 PM
we have something that comes close to what your talking about already find [UT2Vote51.UT2VoteVoting]
try setting that to 85 this will probly do what your looking for

I'll give it a whirl - thx (still lobbying for the quick runoff I posted in my edit though :) - thx guys!)


10th Jul 2005, 04:37 AM
I'm sure the rest of the team remember posts like this.
Way back when we decided on what type of voting system to use we went through a zillion different types to try and be different and have something that works for "most" players.
Initially the Yes/No system worked well and that was it for about a year then players wanted something different as the biggest complaint we had was it took too long for a vote too be reached and took too long for the next level to start and people would leave the server.
We tried several other methods including something similar to what you are saying but we just could not find a happy balance.
Then we hit on this Majority vote which basically came from the community and it was tailormade for UT2Vote, and suddenly our mod went from running on only a few servers to the majority of servers overnight.

However having said that I do agree that when there are 16+ players problems do start developing as far as the system is concerned.
At one stage we had a "table" which would "bend" what majority meant depending on the number of players but this did not work too well and was dumped.

Then there is the Whitelisting problem, which limits us to a maximum of a 600k mod and if we hit that we loose Whitelisting status which we just cannot afford and as you will notice we are already sitting at 525k which is too close for comfort and adding voting stuff piles the code on.
UT2Vote44 was 1.2megs and with v4.5 we had to dump over 50% of the mod to get it whitelisted.
With every release we remove stuff and tighten the code to make space as we have a long list of requests :)

Having only 15 extra maps, I can see being a problem as the choice is very limited, try a 100 extra maps and you will see the whole thing change.
Also set the MapLimits= in the GameType string higher if certain maps are constantly being voted for, like MapLimits=5 for instance.
Play with the settings in the [UT2Vote51.UT2VoteVoting] (check the readme) and see if you can reach a compromise.

Thanks for the inputs.