View Full Version : An idea for how the bots would use the Moscowboy

Da Spadger
2nd Jul 2005, 12:42 AM
From what i know, bots do not use the moscomboy, because they would suicide the second they saw an enemy. I think i have an idea that i think wouldn't be too hard to implement codewise in next version of CLN. (Get yer coders ready! :p)

Firstly, bots quits the MB automaticlly when activating the Kamikaze attack. Secondly, they'd rather attack vehicles rather than infantry, unless the infantry is carrying a clone jar. If the MB driver attacks an enemy player without a Clone jar, they exit the vehicle the second they use the attack. If the driver attacks an enemy with a Clone jar, they try to ride as long as possible. (Trying to jump off right before impact) to get to the jar faster.

Tell me at least what you think of it. I'd love to try defending myself from a crazy bot with a MoscowBoy. :)

EDIT: Maybe add custom driving animations for the one using the MB. It is only one model to edit after all. ;)


No answers? Does my idea stink that bad? O_o