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30th Jun 2005, 04:57 PM
...make it like integrated into the game itself, we dont want a HTML WEBSITE or a HTML BROWSER in game, we want everything integrated into the GAME GUI itself. So i mean like every clan in UT would REGISTER just like how you register with the stats except you MAY choose to put personal info in there, and that would be your profile.

Then after that there would be a section/tab that says "CLANS" and then there would be a whole list of clans involved in various ladders, and there would be details beside each of the clans name such as the full unabbrievated name, the rating, # of members, etc.(like a detailed list in windows explorer).

When you doubleclick on the clan it would give you even MORE details, like a list of all the members there (also their rank and position), the logo (that they would upload or host or watever), their website address, their list of matches, the ladders they are involved in, etc. (all of the stuff the www.iglnet.com ladder has). Also you should be able to click on each members name and you will get to see their profile with personal info (if they choose to show) and all of their stats and matches just like on the stats website except integrated into the GUI (not a HTML browser).

You should also be able to CHALLENGE a clan via a CHALLENGE BUTTON, so when you click on that it would like show a match select screen where you choose the map and gametype and mutators, etc.. and the clan would get the message when they run the game and they can choose to accept or deny and leave a comment if they wish.

Just like how theres a challenge button, there should be a JOIN BUTTON, when somebody clicks on that they get to leave an optional message if you wish, and the clan gets the message and they get to choose to accept or deny, and also they can choose to give the player a tryout before they accept.

Also about the global rating system that shows you how clans have done against each other, make it integrated with the GUI itself and NOT in HTML.

So the point im making is everything should be more integrated and tied in (within the GUI and not in HTML), things like clan support. So say you change your name, it would automatically be updated on the clan page in UT. Also there would be a clan TAG that would show up as a different COLOR (in the scoreboard) to differentiate from your name and the tag. Ofcourse, you wouldnt actually TYPE the tag into your name, but instead it would automatically be chosen from when you join a clan, you should also be able to HIDE your tag (somewhere in options) if you want to play under an alias or something.

OFFICIAL Clan MATCH support should be supported as well, so there would be a server and time and setting that both clans have agreed to play on (agreed from ingame ofcourse), and only those belonging to one of the two clans will be allowed to enter, so you no longer have to type in a password, just join if you're supposed to be there;) . For other players that arent in 1 of the 2 clans, they would be given the choice to go back to the server browser or spectate (if the server allows spectate). The winning clan would get recorded in the global rating system as the winner, UNLESS both clans agree that it wasnt a FAIR game (i dunno why but sometimes weird things happen).

O yeah, all these stats and clan stuff should be on a website just like how the stats are on a website. What if you're not on your own computer and want to see you clan page and clan stats?

30th Jun 2005, 11:21 PM
having an html browser for clan sites is more versitale because you can have more information custom tailored to the servers you run, etc. A gui based clan manager would be very limiting.

1st Jul 2005, 02:28 AM
Not needed. Waste of resources really, unless it's very simple to do. irc, forums, websites, clan ladders, voip, etc will always be better outside of the game. It's simply a waste of resources trying to integrate all of that, and it's really not that cool or practical. Having the ability to imbed browser links into the game gui really gets my imagination going on how it could be used maliciously.

No one cares what is "OFFICIAL" or not, because the clan ladders are molded to what the community wants not what the developers want.

It's a silly idea trying to make an unrealnet, the internet works fine. Will clans will have to pay for a special unrealnet server to host their unrealwebsite? Clans shouldn't have to register. That stuff isn't worth a .5 being added to the game, imo.

Reminds me of communism.

12th Jul 2005, 03:31 AM
Integrating anything web-related into the game is asking for trouble once Epic decides to stop support. Or just look at BF2 and/or Steam if you want to know what a pain in the behind such an 'official' system can be for casual gamers that want to play a damned game.

There's enough potential problems if the master-servers ever were shut down.
No need to make it even worse.

Otoh a fixed layout would force clans to use decent websites instead of some of those flash-only headache-inducing resource-wasting things that some web-developers think is 'great'.

I think the real reason why clan-support isn't needed is that it would make even more people start one of those "game of the week"-type of clans that tend to halt all of their games as soon as a new patch is announced ...

Perhaps Epic can take a hint or two from Xbox Live! and the various games that offer clan-like support. That would be so much better than whatever pc-based games have offered to clans to date.

// -- edit --
If clan-support is ever integrated then aliasing as well as hiding of clan-tags should be disallowed.
That kind of stuff is for bastards and *beeps* that think that by removing their clan-tag they don't have to follow the rules of the game anymore ...

12th Jul 2005, 03:44 AM
I think there's an aspect of this that may be being overlooked: Having SOME sort of interface within the game itself to funnel new players to organized ladders, clan pages, websites, whatever.... can do NOTHING but increase the participation in the community. Clearly, the Community tab of UT2004 is a bad example as it stopped being maintained and it was sort of hidden away. But done right, it could be a HUGE boost.

How many times have you seen new players looking for more information about clans? Tons.

Anything that Epic can do to get people who install the game to get more involved, the better. It increases the enjoyment and value that the buyer gets out of the game, and it encourages them to hang around longer and maybe swell the competitive ranks.

There's almost no way to lose if this is done right, and provided that it is implemented in a safe manner.

12th Jul 2005, 03:56 AM
I like the concept. Not to replace clan web sites, but sort of marketplace, highstreet or mall. Not just links and news...

I wonder how we'd maintain this. Would BeyondUnreal have a shop front or cafe on the main square? A type of portal? More work for admins and community, or just a change to the way we get together?

18th Jul 2005, 08:34 PM
It's a silly idea trying to make an unrealnet, the internet works fine. Will clans will have to pay for a special unrealnet server to host their unrealwebsite?

If Unreal was owned by EA, then yes, most likely. One thing to consider are clans that play more than just Unreal games. A seperate (UnrealNet?) page, even if free, would likely end up dividing up any multi-game clan that decided to use it.

I do agree with Hal that there needs to be something that provides information on clans and/or community involvement in game. Having nothing what-so-ever won't cause you to loose any playerbase IMO, but its not going to help grow.

19th Jul 2005, 04:26 PM
More ideas coming soon (maybe)...

You seam to like ideas:lol:

19th Jul 2005, 04:38 PM
You seam to like ideas:lol:
lol, I just deleted that, its so old.

23rd Aug 2005, 09:26 PM
// -- edit --
If clan-support is ever integrated then aliasing as well as hiding of clan-tags should be disallowed.
That kind of stuff is for bastards and *beeps* that think that by removing their clan-tag they don't have to follow the rules of the game anymore ...
O btw, why do people use aliases and remove clan-tags for like say when they want to go on a public server or something?