View Full Version : 2 maya questions

23rd Jun 2005, 01:57 PM
1 - I got this problem , and i can only remove it from the perspective wiewport.

It clip the object from the viewport when it's too big or off-center. A friend of mine told me he have the same setting as me inside my Camera Attribute editor, but i still wonder why it only don't work for the Top, Fron and side views

2 - When i open a new document inside maya , or each time that i close and re-open the Hypershade , all my texture and Assigment materials disapears. I know they are not deleted since they apear as a material inside UED when i export the meshe inside UED. Also , i can find it inside the seach bar, they are named File ### by default. I would like to know what's going on... I even refresh the Hypershade with 'rearrenge graf' and it still don't work...