View Full Version : Catapults and other similiar for vehicles

22nd Jun 2005, 09:38 AM
After riding "The Hulk" down at Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios in Florida, I thought, why doesn't ut not have this (maybe it does). Anyway, "The Hulk" is a roller coaster ride. As you leave the entrance you are immediately taken up a hill using the conventional chains and sprockets to take the roller coaster up the hill. And then, just after about 15 seconds of climbing the hill, a compressed air or high pressure steam system pushes the roller coaster at a high speed over the hill (just like a jet on an aircraft carrier). The acceleration is faster than a super car acceleration. It is a blast.

So, how hard would it be to create something like this in UT. would be cool to create an aircraft carrier with this system. Or better yet, a spaceship like the Galactica shooting out the space fighters. This could easily work with the terrain maps used so often in ONS. Have a couple of fighters shot out of the base. I guess the current vehicles would make this not possible, as well as the coding.