View Full Version : Oh no.. big problem, do I have to start over?

16th Jun 2005, 01:42 PM

Ok, all this time Iím editing my map in Unreal 2004, and just today I woke up today and realized Iím trying to make it for unreal 2003. Well of course I crossed my fingers and hope it would work, but got nothing but garbage when I tried to run the map that I made in Unreal 2004 in Unreal 2003.

Is there anyway I can make the map in 2004 backwards compatible with the map in 2003?


17th Jun 2005, 07:17 AM
No, you don't have to start from all over. Ut2003 and ut2004 maps are compitable in terms of level design. I am sure you are not mapping for ut2004 specific only, meaning you can't design an onslaught level in ut2004 and hope it to work in ut2003, since that game type is specific for ut2004. Other than game related issues, you'll be fine. Unreal editor is "teh" compatible. The level geometry you design in unreal1(year 1998) can be imported to ut2004.