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14th Jun 2005, 04:17 PM
I was messing around (as usual :-) )

Just then , i fall on this (http://nalicity.beyondunreal.com/map_hub.php?mid=8511)

06-14-2005 11:53 AM EDT Rating: 0
Another one who steals StaticMeshes, Textures from other maps!
The minimum what the mapper has been asked is if you may use them.

The result for me is that I never again will give any of my maps free for downloading on any map base.

In my opinion those people who adorn themselves with borrowed plumes should be banned from every download base.

That's all!

That's what he think looking at the screenies. But is that reall? We got 2 way to think it's not.

The author tell it's is own texture. And the guy who start accusation with a big zero don't have a single prof.

06-14-2005 04:03 PM EDT
The textures are mine, grrr, all the textures you can see on the screen! and for the staticmeshes, it's true, i use the copy/paste for some of them, but a minimum, maybe 2 of 3. but not the texture! Maybe i will remplace the statics wich are not mine in the next version.:/

He admit have taken somme meshe from other level - I will go for the readme for credits.

For the textures , they don't look so hi-quality. I am pretty sure he made it.

Heres the Readme quota

Nom Map: DM-Flat
Version: 4.0
Date: 10 juin 2005
Mode: Deathmatch,Team Deathmatch, Invasion, Dernier survivant, Mutant.
Nombre de joueurs: 1-16
Variantes posant des problème avec les bots: Faible Gravité + Téléporteur
Créateur: {POWER}Fred
Adresse E-mail: fred_970@hotmail.com
Sites Web: www.power.fr.tt / wwww.fred-k.be.tt

No credit. Kinda look like a Newbie in Uploading maps with the rules.

14th Jun 2005, 07:15 PM
Personally I'm not into minime's; but people should give credit where it's due.........