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4th Jun 2005, 06:22 AM
I've recently been thinking of new ideas for weapons - well ok, not exactly "new" weapon ideas, but ideas from other games that could fit well with Invasion

-I think some of the Serious Sam weapons would be great to use on Invasion - especially the up coming Serious Sam 2 (not Second Enconter, but this one: http://www.serioussam2.com/seriously.html). There was a screenshot in the PCZone Mag of having 2 miniguns together, which I thought would be great to have in FHI!
- there's also the Tommy Gun (from Serious Sam) we could have on FHI
- flame-thrower anybody?

- let's not forget all the crazy-but-fun weapons from the good old Worms games! Just think how much fun exploing cows/sheep would be!

anyone got any other cool weapons we could use (from other games or whatever)? Maybe... JUST maybe.... someone might actually give some of these weapon ideas some thought for FHI

11th Jun 2005, 05:19 PM
How about some weapons taken directly from Cave Story Doukutsu Monogatari
Enemies will drop small to large gems used to upgrade (or downgrade) weapons...

Polar Star
level 1: A small beam that travels a small distance, then explodes causes minimal damage, but has no ammo and is rapid...
level 2: 2 beams next to each other... longer range... a little stronger... bigger boom, no ammo is used...
level 3: A big beam that travels a long range... reload rate is slowish... damage is good... no ammo used
level 1 - a weak fireball that travels along the ground... useful on slopes, if enemies have high ground
level 2 - travels a greater distance, is stronger, bounces...
level 3 - Travels until a wall gets in the way... more powerful... leaves a trail of fire
Missle launcher
level 1 - ammo max = 10 can cause great damage as a direct hit... low splash damage, slow. best used on groups
level 2 - ammo max = 30 causes great damage to anything that it hits... much larger splash radius, rocket is twice as large
level 3 - ammo max = 70 basically it is 3 of the level 1 rockets per shot... each with a level 2 power and explosion
level 1 - ammo max = 100 ammo regenerates at 2 per second... very weak but easy to level up... incredibly short range
level 2 - ammo max = 200 ammo regenerates at 10 per second... hold the button down for rapid shots... medium range... not exactly a sniper weapon... effective underwater
level 3 - ammo max = 500 ammo regenerates at 5 per second... hold the button to create bubbles that will circle you... if more then 15 are active, they will shoot forward as ice balls... weak, but rapid
level 1 - only 1 shot at a time! does a ton of damage... but range is quite limitted.... hard to level up...
level 2 - only 1 shot at a time! does more damage, and penetrates through enemies to ones behind them... however, range is even shorter...
level 3 - only one shot at a time! weakened damage individual hit wise, shoots a spirit forward, and when it hits something in range, it will explode into a fury of deadly sword slashes... downgrades in one hit, regardless of weather you want to or not
level 1 - any gems will "upgrade" it to a weaker form! so watch it! Shoots an extremely powerful lightning bolt... incredible damage
level 2 - shoots a small bolt of energy (link gun) that does little damage...
level 3 - "shoots" a bubble (level 1 bubbler) with half range and no damage! get hit with anything to "downgrade" it...
Machine gun
level 1 - max ammo = 100 ammo regenerates at 3 per second... rapid, but weak... shoots small, visible, bullets... causes ok damage
level 2 - max ammo = 50 ammo regenerates at 10 per second... shoots rapid tiny lasers... visible... not exactly the longest range... stronger
level 3 - max ammo = 200 ammo regenerates at 5 per second... shoots big energy blasts rapidly. WARNING--May cause user and victim to fly around!
level 1 - short range, good damage, goes through walls...
level 2 - longer range, leaves a thin trail of energy that does low damage, the ball itself has a long range
level 3 - awesome range (not infinite), makes a fire trail that settles to the ground gradually, slow, inaccurate
The most powerful weapon... charge for powerful effects!
level 1 - a polar star blast at level 3... same damage... infinite range
level 2 - a simple beam that hits for weak damage anything that touches it
level 3 - a double beam that can penetrate enemies, hitting multiple targets
MAX - A powerful, deadly, long charge time beam that can and will annihilate anything that touches it!!!

12th Jun 2005, 12:40 AM
I still don't know wtf half those weapons do...

12th Jun 2005, 08:20 AM
Would you like a nice list of screenshots?

Here ya go: http://www.gameflaws.com/cavestory/weapons.php
That is of the weapons

And as a note: I changed some of the weapons to suit this game... keep that in mind