View Full Version : Monster Bowl VI - call for FHI mappers

2nd Jun 2005, 02:37 PM
Monster Bowl VI is planned around July 16th weekend. This is a call to mappers to create some unique maps. The theme of this monster invasion is "Extreme Vehicle Invasion". I'm hoping to get more than 3 maps so as to create a marathon of approximately (2) four hour periods; one morning period and one evening period. I'm thinking we need 5-6 maps. When I mean "Extreme vehicle invasion", there should be no weapons available except the starting weapons. No shields, no health either. It's a skill test of your shooting and driving ability with vehicles. I have the ECE Bonus pack installed on the server, so load us up with some FHI maps with ECE vehicles.

Map 1: flying vehicles only: map should be made such that the only way to the battlefield is by flying vehicles.

Map 2: land vehicles only: try to make it so that walking on foot would take a long time to get to the battlefield. Vehicles with wheels or tracks only for this map. If you're going to put the Goliath, make sure to put enough for each player (8 players).

Map 3: Hold the fort land vehicles only: This time, make it so that the monsters can come in three directions or more, but there's no way to leave the area of and around the fort. turrets can be used. tower can be used with sniper rifles.

Map 4: flying vehicles only: create tall narrow canyons, and tunnels, and caves so it makes maneuverability tough.

Map 5: All vehicles: your choice.

Map 6: your choice.

mrsmiles hopefully, and I are going to make a couple maps for this. Was wondering if anyone in the FHI community would like to make one too.