View Full Version : importing into the realtime from maya

2nd Jun 2005, 05:38 AM
guys i ve modelled and imported my character into the ut2004 game following the tutorials on the book "mastering unreal technology".now i d like to import the same character into the runtime (that as far as i ve understood is the ut2004 engine without any game content, am i right?) because i am trying to create my little own demo game.
in Maya the character export plugin i downloaded only allows me to create a charcter set to be then exported directly into the game but how do i decide to export the package into the runtime instead?can i maye copy and paste some files from the UT2004 folder to the UnrealEngine2Runtime folder?or is there another plugin i can download for maya specific this time only for the runtime? :rolleyes:

6th Jul 2005, 03:06 PM
Just got word from one of the book's authors. You cannot use the unreal ed 2:eek: on the book CD to open the texture files in the tutorials. You must use UT2004...