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1st Jun 2005, 02:11 PM
Carball is a vehicle based gametype for Unreal Tournament 2004. CarBall is similar to soccer but played with vehicles and a big ball. Using your vehicle you must knock the ball into the opposing team's goal to score points. Please feel welcome to drop by the CarBall community forums and let us know what you like or dislike about CarBall. Also, Carball's league is in between seasons. Get your team together and register!!
This version of Carball has gone through extensive alpha and beta testing. This is the most number changes ever put into Carball between
versions and is very solid. A couple things to note, when you come into the first game, be sure and bind the new keys for headlight toggle
and timeout request. Also, check out the new vehicle screen where you can customize your chassis skin, wheels, and licenseplates. You
can even set a name of your choosing 8 characters or less to display on the plate. At the top, slide name transparancy as far to the right
as you desire. The farther to the right, the brighter the names will be.

With all of the enhancements made to this version, it would be easy to overshadow the fixes put into place. You can see by the list below,
however, that it is the same size as the enhancements list. We are confident you will find this to be the most solid version of Carball
to be released. Please read below the changes list for more indepth information on some of the changes.
~Carball Dev Team~

Version 2.5 Changes..

- Stats Support - if someone wants to modify a stats reader to read them.
- Fender Benders - on fast collisions
- Vehicle License Plates - Customizable
- Vehicle Wheels - Customizable
- Player Names above vehicles overhauled and transparancy is customizable
- Invis set to time limit and displays countdown on HUD
- Stop Time countdown between goals
- Overtime Faceoff - with Server admin adjustable overtime delay
- Timeouts - with Server admin adjustable timeout duration and number of timeouts per team
- Server admin Adjustable Spider mine limit
- Disable weapons in deadball situations. Boost still available for celebrations.
- Headlight control added. Can be toggled on and off
- New skins. Including some with self illumination

- Ball teleporter fixes
- Vehicle telporter fixes
- Teammate selected item now displays when they are invisible
- No more scoring after time runs out.
- Improved item respawn at new faceoffs
- Improved goo lag
- Improved boost through bug
- Ball Cam retains focus on ball reset in spectator mode
- No more constant accessed nones in UT2004.log
- Wildcard base spawns the same as other pickups. No more delay.
- No more owngoals if offensive team touched the ball.
- Scoreboard fixed
We have multiple mirrors at www.carball.net and if you want to provide any mirrors of your own feel free.











1st Jun 2005, 02:33 PM
awesome! will download asap! :)