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30th May 2005, 06:27 AM
After waching the movie cube where 5 humans are being trapped in a maze of cubes (some of em with boobytraps :D ) i wanted to replicate that as a BT.

BUT there is a little problem, how do i make 17789 cubes with 6 movers in them??? (26x26x26 +1 moving witch is the ''brige'' to the exit at its beginning key).

duplicate doesn't seem to work for it only duplicates actors :(

30th May 2005, 06:28 AM
o, by the way 6 movers in EVERY cube.

30th May 2005, 07:25 AM
OK, I saw this movie too. Pretty cool. Pretty non-feasable for a computer to handle.

Here's the maths:
I'll just mention that for a start, it's 17577 cubes not 17789, each 256x256x256 means that your level will have a volume of 294893125632 cubed units.
It'll be at least 6500 units wide, tall and deep. There will be 105462 movers. There will be at least 17577 lights. Each room has 6 faces, therefore 105462 textures. Each mover has 1 texture (at least) giving an aditional 105462 textures. This is 210924 textures overall. All this plus any extras you want to add (including PhysicsVolumes and ProjectileSpawners for traps, player starts and pickups). All this maths doesn't even include interconnecting "corridoors" (which you have to have) or bot pathing.

It's just not gonna happen. No home computer will render that.

Secondly, if there's 17577 cubes and 16 players, there's less than a 1 in 1098 chance that you'll find somebody in a room.
If you went through 26 rooms with a 50% probability of a trap being in a door, the chance of you getting through without dying/being hurt are 1.49x10-6%.

Thirdly, how would you access the door on the ceiling?
It's just not feasable. You've bitten of way more than you or any computer can chew.

You could possibly do it with a 8x8 grid (64 blocks). This would eliminate any nasty stuff with having to get onto higher levels. It's still a relatively big map if you're using 256x256x256 blocks.

Your problem with duplicating is either that you don't select the actual room's mesh or that you don't Build All after you duplicate them. To make sure that you've selected the mesh, not the brush, build a 16x16x16 brush so that it's noticabley different to your room's mesh. Use the Top view to select the room's mesh (should be blue or brown, NOT red). You can then select all the other actors in the usual way (Ctrl - Leftclick).
Once you've duplicated it all and moved it to its correct position (using the top and side views is best) you have to Build All for the room to appear in the Perspective view (or the game).
I think that duplicating the rooms is the only way... once you've duplicated a few though, just select them all and duplicate them, it works a lot faster.
You have to re-texture all the rooms (just select all the floors, re-texture, all the ceilings, re-texture... etc) and Build All again. Then you have to manually edit all the Trigger tags/events if you use them, right click all the view names and click View->Event Lines. This makes it easier to see which triggers connect to which doors and/or traps.
Obviously you'll need to add/change traps and move them randomly around the map. I suggest that only a select few traps should kill the player instantly and have most of them just do a specific kind of damage.
You might want to consider having some rooms with certain different features, like using a projector to make a blast mark on a wall so that it makes it a little easier to navigate.

Hope this'll make it easier for you to design your map.

30th May 2005, 08:31 AM
LOL, well it won't be a DM but a CTF map with only translocators(to acces the roof doors)

Well 64 cubes is ok, there will be +- 20 traps.

(By the way, is there somthing like a redeemer race arena? :D )

30th May 2005, 08:50 AM
Not quite sure what you mean by a "redeemer race arena", but I assume you mean a race through a level with a redeemer at the end.
As far as I'm aware, there is no map like that. I could be wrong though. I might have to make one.

I have made a map before where you have a large room where you fight and at the end there's a control room with a button which has a Trigger. If you get close enough to the button the "roof" drops down and crushes everyone inside the main room. Hehe.
I did this using a triggered mover which was the same height as the room which the control room was (256) which crushes players on encroach. I made the main room 256 units taller than it appears to be and put the block inside it. When a player enters the trigger area, the block moves down from the ceiling, making it look like the roof is falling. The player in the control room sees the side of the block cover the entrance to the control room, then it returns back to the roof. I had to make the players spawn in side rooms so that they didn't get stuck in the geometry or re-crushed when they respawned after being crushed in the first place. I aptly named the map DM-CrushboxRace.

30th May 2005, 08:56 AM
no, more like this: 2 players go stand in the ''bullpen'' (a door closed behind them) where redeemers are located.
the announcer voice will countdown, whenn reached zero the wall in front of them will open and they altenate fire the redeemers(so they can steer them).
When one of them hits the button at the finish the opposing players gets killed in some kind of horrific way :) .

30th May 2005, 09:08 AM
lol, nice.
You might be able do this by setting up a ScriptedTrigger to make the countdown then open the doors. Use a normal trigger (i.e one which is triggered when something comes within a certain proximity) and set it up to only accept a redeemer warhead actor. Set the trigger to drop down a load of spikes (movers with the same tag) to impale the losing player. Hehe.
Give the players a redeemer pickup behind them.

The problem is that if one of the players decides to crash and kill both players, it'll bugger up the scripting. Getting the game to reset could be hard too. You might need to make it so that the level HAS to have a death limit of 1 so that once the redeemer goes off and the losing player is killed, the other player wins the match and the next level is loaded.

30th May 2005, 11:13 AM
Well if someone would want to do that, i wish him bad luck, there will be 2 racing tracks, both the same, and the first kill will win so that will be a DM map.

But i have got my cube sections ready for ''mass producing'' i'l let u know when it's finished.
After that i'l start the redeemer project.

By the way, how any traps do u think there should be with 64 rooms?

30th May 2005, 01:38 PM
errr, i just finished the cubes without the traps on a 8*8 grid AND 8 in height
and i got to 512 cubes!!!
My pc dind't hande it and gave a (protection)error during rebuiding.

hmmm, mabey 5x5x5 is a better size.

30th May 2005, 02:41 PM
errr, i just finished the cubes without the traps on a 8*8 grid AND 8 in height
and i got to 512 cubes!!!
My pc dind't hande it and gave a (protection)error during rebuiding.

hmmm, mabey 5x5x5 is a better size.

I told you you should use horizontal only :lol:

5x5x5 is still 125 cubes. It's just not feasible to have huge amounts of cubes in Unreal Tournament. Anything above 75 would probably cause lag on most machines.
I suggest 3x3x3, giving 27 cubes. That should reduce lag and increase the fun, because you are more likely to come across another player. If you want to make it seem larger, have two layers of 4x4, giving 32 rooms. That way there's minimal translocating and more fun.

30th May 2005, 03:02 PM
well, it wasn't actualy the idea to kill, it was ment to be a CTF with the 2 flags located at 1 cube.
Now the DM: the doors make sounds(or else it's lame) so the ''attacking'' player witch is moving to another cube would be in a disadvantage from the ''devending'' player, WItch can prepare himself, that's no fun becous everyone will stand still, therefore i'm going to work on my next project ''the redeemer racing arena''.