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28th May 2005, 11:42 PM
people will continue to argue and fight and post about what weapons they want in and out. but if you take apoll on who wants certain weapons out of the gaem you will realize that those people will most likely be form the same gametype. why cant each gametype have its own weapons?. as a ctf player i want the sheild and dodging to stay. ctf is a whole diffrnt game than dm and onslaught.in ctf i spent weeks learning sheild jumps and shock combos using target practice mods and whats the point when all the new weapons are all gonna be for you onslaught players. the only people epic seems to be listening to are the ones who dont wanna take the time to learn the game. too many people come into this game thinking its just like the others and when the realize its not, its straight here to complain about how they suck at lg. most onslaught players form the threads ive read dont wanna see hitscan in the new ut. when i play onslaught in those huge maps thats all i use. you learn how to use it and it becomes your best friend. why complain about how lg is too powerful and how leet players come in and own people with it. the new ut2007 will have the chats and pre game message boards to find players and organize games wiht peopel of your own skill. kinda liek ut2004's built in irc chat. now you can find players your skill and learn the game. no need to take out the weapons that newbs cant use that just causes the people that have been playign the game to get angry. you can excel in this game and takle it to new heights instead of other games wher you just hop up and down and its frag for frag. in other games whoever gets the first hit usually wins. not in this game...

i just wanna see difrnt weapons for each gametype to make evryone happy. just liek in each gametype ther are diffrnt maps..... ther shoudl be diffrnt weapons. that would solve alot of problems.

28th May 2005, 11:46 PM
i cant wait to see the new ut2007 maps and graphics. new vehicles skins and updates. but the game has several gametypes and they should all be individually talked about and not ut as a whole. diffrnt weapons are used in diffrnt gametypes. like in dm you dont see a trans do you? in ctf you dont see vehicles do you? so why cant ther be diffrnt weapons to suit each gametype?

anyway i cant wait to see how kickass this game is gonna be. wether i have to re learn it all over or not its gonna be awesome. but its a shame that the skill involoved int he game is slowly being taken out. no dodging or hitscan or crazy xheild jumps that take forever to llearn: thats what keeps me hoked ont his game learning new stuff now just fragging people over and over agian.

Dark Pulse
29th May 2005, 04:43 AM
Again, it made the game ultra defensive and slower paced. In UT a good Flagcarrier used cunning and skill to ensure he stayed alive; in UT2004 all he needs to do is run away with Shields up, Wallkicking to some new spot. Totally different play styles, and according to most, the less favored one.

29th May 2005, 01:20 PM
Don't know where you're getting your info, bbanks. Dodging is in, walldodging is in, double jumping is in, hitscan is in, shield jumping is in, etc.

29th May 2005, 06:03 PM
In addition to what T2A said, you sound like you didn't play much UT, or any UT. Lots of the stuff some people talk about wanting gone wasn't in UT.

As well, very few people here want hit-scan gone, or the LtG gone because they suck with it. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. I want it gone, because I know what it's capable of, and how little practice it actually takes by relative comparison, as well as how pings these days effect it's balance. I don't even necessarily want it gone, but would rather the sniper weapon change drastically, then deal with the necessary nerfs to balance it. It was balanced on release, and now it's not. Nothing has changed, but the pings that it flys through... and maybe people's configs to compliment it, but that is a whole nother dynamic, subsequent to the other problem.

29th May 2005, 06:56 PM
the only people epic seems to be listening to are the ones who dont wanna take the time to learn the game.

- they don't need to target the veterans / current players as they're either already addicted to the game (why waste time & resources when you know they're just going to buy & complain about it anyway ?)

- while learning to play a game is fun, there's a significant difference between a 'good' learning-curve and trying to climb a mount everest without any practice. UT2kx didn't have a learning curve ... it resembled the latter for most new players (especially to those new to fps or the UT-series). That has scared far too many potentially new gamers. Never mind that majority of the gamers who have neither time nor interest in hitting a brick wall when they don't have to (why'd you think console-games are that popular ?).

IMHO the steep learning curve of games is also (in part) responsible for the on-line cheats as used by the 'new' players ...

Oh ... and the enter-key is your friend ;)

Why can't there be different weapons for different gametypes ?

*eh* Why add something that 's already there ?
There's nothing that stops a mapper from not using a weapon/vehicle in their maps. The only reason vehicles weren't used in other gametypes is that they weren't tested as such because ONS was not developed by Epic ...

Besides : the only reason few (if any) people used translocator in DM is because it was disabled by default. I'd say that one of the reasons it needs to be available is because DM is nothing more than a weaponstesting-gametype.

30th May 2005, 01:08 PM
I'd also like to add to this thread that there are is ALOT of experienced gamers on these f0s and alot of us know what we're talking about, we've been making discussions about it for years and the forum has the point of view that the game should be fun, and not geared for pros, but that the pros should gear themselves to the game.

This way you get more players, more variety, more sales and, generally, a more fun game to get into. The way it looks to be going at the moment is that there will be alot of skill to use weapons very well, but on the otherside they'll be easy to use to start with, to be effective and that it'll grow into a learning curve that will be appreciated by most.

They're looking to satisfy everyone, not to exclude certain gametypes.