View Full Version : Dsl Server trouble (I am new this)!!!

13th May 2005, 03:36 PM
ok so I am a newbie to the whole server thing I got all my mods and eveything running just fine. We can all play off the same router with no issue and also I can log in from work being the same isp runs fine(ping around 40-50). It seems that only peps with our local cable provider have ping probs but only on my server. Could this be a porting issue is there any way to help out !!! I have heard the verizon dsl blocked port=80 conn if that has anything to do with my situation.

I am running ut G.O.T.Y on

amd 2100+xp t-bred core
1ghz DDR400

connection= Verizon Dsl 3.0 (3megs down and 834up) I am running multiple comps I have set the static ip to my pc this seems to be ok being that peps can now connect to my server just ping it all over the place.

thanx for Help ;)

13th May 2005, 03:50 PM
sry looks like I posted in wrong fourm sry again