View Full Version : Old skoolrz invite INF

13th Apr 2005, 09:49 AM
Infiltration 2.65 for Unreal
TA will be hosting a night of old skool frag fest. This will be for all the old timers that have been around for 5+ years, so dust off those keyboards, oil those mice. We will be hosting on our server, and will also have a voice server set up. We will be trying to get a hold of the old maps and load them on the server, if anyone has one lying around with all the textures, you can send them to me at cow@cfl.rr.com and we will get them loaded. No date and time is set as of yet, as people respond, and we get a count, we will nail down a date. If everything flies well on this, we will make this a semi-annual event. So stop on by our site and leave a post, if you know of any old skoolrz out there, but they just havenít played in awhile, send them an email and tell them about this event.

Hope to see some of you old farts soon, if not at the event, at least a stop by our website.