View Full Version : UnrealEd3 (UT2004) Brush problems

4th Apr 2005, 01:41 PM

I built rooms for a new map and continued adding meshes/lights etc.

After trying to add a corridor from one room to another and clicking "Subract" the wall brushes and sometimes the ceiling brushes on,I think,2 or 3 of the same plus other rooms disappear leaving me looking into the UnrealED cyberspace...?

I have clicked on "Build map" to keep the editor happy after adding meshes/lights etc.. so know it's not that.

I have a PCI SiS (in-built) 64m video card (Won't run games that require H&L capabilites though (HL2/Joint Ops)) and DirectX 8.1.

My Ram is fine (192) I wondered if the Editor messes the brushes up because of the Video card (could it be the antialiasing)? UnrealED2 is fine,no problems

This is really bothering me as I try to map for UT2004 and can't due to this problem.

Ah, if I add the brush or a smaller brush further into the room it does what it's told (added or subtracted).

Is it me causing this? If so or if you know how to avoid it please reply.


4th Apr 2005, 03:35 PM
Delete the brush and remake it. The red builder brush may have gotten flipped inside out, so click the cube button to reset it too.