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1st Apr 2005, 10:28 AM
Ive been trying to get gametypes play on diff speeds & its just not working. BR is the Default game type, it starts at 1.0 spd, and as you can see it should start at 1.35, it starts at 1.0 untill I change it in Admin UT2Vote49 (it says 135 in there too I have to change it to 134 or 136 fro it to take). Then when I switch to a diff gametype like IGDM wich is suppposed to run @ 1.45, goes back to 1.0 and I have to change it again (it says 1.45 in ut2vote49 admin. I have to set it at 144 or 146 to take). Am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance.

GameType=(GameName="IGBR",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="IGBR",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="BR-]SP[TheCourtyard",MapPrefix="BR",AltMapPrefix=,GameClass="XGame.xBombingRun",Mutators="UnrealGame.MutGameSpeed,UnrealGame.MutLowGrav,XGame.MutQuadJump,XGame.MutFastWeapSwitch,XxxXESRv2i.M utXxxXInstaGib,utcompv16.MutUTComp,MultiDodging2k4v3.MutMultiDodging",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=34?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=2?MaxPlayers=16?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=False? WeaponStay=True?BalanceTeams=True?ForceRespawn=False?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Tournament=0?GamePassw ord=?GameStats=True?GameSpeed=1.35?FF=0.00?NoOverTime=False?VsBots=False?NumBots=2?Difficulty=5?bCus tomGame=True")

GameType=(GameName="IG DM",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="IG DM",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-(GU)-ClanzArena2k4",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix=,GameClass="XGame.xDeathMatch",Mutators="UnrealGame.MutGameSpeed,UnrealGame.MutLowGrav,XGame.MutQuadJump,XGame.MutFastWeapSwitch,XGame.MutNoA drenaline,XxxXESRv2i.MutXxxXInstaGib,XxxXTransV3a.MutXxxXTranslocator,utcompv16.MutUTComp",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=30?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=2?MaxPlayers=16?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=True?W eaponstay=True?BalanceTeams=True?ForceRespawn=False?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats= True?GameSpeed=1.45?FF=0?NoOverTime=False?VsBots=False?NumBots=2")

1st Apr 2005, 11:17 AM
Just try it in DeathMatch as I tried it here in DeathMatch and all works fine.
Also try it with GameStats=False as that might be forcing it to 1.00

2nd Apr 2005, 08:01 PM
I know you did not in your example. I say it anyway, just in case :) :

Don't forget that you musn't use any Gameclass twice ... I just saw in another forum that someone tried this as well but used the same gameclass twice, just different speed ..