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22nd Mar 2005, 11:25 PM
No Frag interviews Digital Extremes' main-man James Schmalz about the upcoming Pariah.

What are the multiplayer modes of Pariah?

In multiplayer, we have Team Deathmatch, CTF which are old favourites that are now fresh and new because of vehicles and upgradeable weapons. We have also added in Siege and Frontline Assault. Frontline Assault is a gametype we have talked about for a few years that we have implemented and refined into something very exciting. The basic idea is to mimic the frontline in a war. It gets pushed back and forth until it eventually gets pushed to the other base where you can then destroy the objective and win

Almost all of our multiplayer levels have been created in an outdoor environment, not only to make them different than games we have worked on before, but also to take advantage of the vehicles and some of the very fast outdoor environment drawing technology we have added to the Unreal Engine. So, yes, we have tried to make the multiplayer experience quite different and refreshing. The cool new game type called Front Line Assault which ties in to mimic the fight over the frontline in a war between two armies, so it is objective based. Overall the multiplayer focuses very heavily on team and team play

There are 16 online maps plus 8 Custom Online maps. The custom online maps are the maps you can modify with our MAP editor to easily create custom maps.

23rd Mar 2005, 11:21 PM
I went to the Pariah demonstration with James Schmalz last night in Sydney - cool game! Got to play some multiplayer and stuff. Was also good to have a chat to James in person about the development, interesting stuff :)