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14th Mar 2005, 11:30 AM
Hello Corona Leonis and Eon Community,

I'm a young mapper looking for a possible side project from my work, at a small console developer, as we're waiting for our next project. I've been following this project since August of last year and it is undoubtedly the most stellar work being done in unreal engine to date. I was hoping I might be able to help you out with some mapping (I remember a request before on the Atari Forums). I would have just started in secrecy and then sprung some work on you whenever I had something presentable to give you but I wasn't totally sure of the content you're all looking for. I've got three ideas in my head now but it would probably be best if you just gave me some material to work with. If you're uncomfortable with tipping your hand to your adoring public, I'd be happy to discuss this outside of the forum alec@toysforbob.com. Anyway, thank you much for your time and I hope to be of any help at all on this amazing project.

- Alec (e3_Jeb)

25th Mar 2005, 11:57 AM
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toys for bob made star control!!!




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26th Mar 2005, 03:09 PM
Well I'll be a son of a bean... I thought it might be best if I just said that, but once again I underestimated the fervor and size of the SC community. :P

Anyway, I'd really like to help out this awesome project (as I mentioned before), so if someone's willing to give me some background or history on the world of Eon I'd like to start throwing together some mesh and maybe a few textures. (I apologize that my texturing skills are nowhere near those of the Eon folks)

The first of my current ideas is for a makeshift fortress built on a mountain ridge overlooking an enemy fort. It was built hastily with the intent of shelling the enemy position, (which can be seen in the distance burning and possibly being assaulted by some soldiers) but the real conflict of this map is that it was built above a Shepard's nest. I'm currently dissatisfied with the mesh I've got but I like the idea so I'm rebuilding it, if anyone's interested in teaming up with me and making some textures (as the place holder ones are just aggravating) please just reply here.

For number two I was thinkin' a frontier like settlement (No idea on what the architecture should look like for this) surrounded by forest. Maybe a small farm, a small caravan, a few yurts sellin' the wares of huntsmen and moonshine that'll peel the bark straight off the trees. The primary conflict would be between Shrike raiding parties, and the military escorts who'd been hired by the merchants to protect the settlement.

My last idea for now, are attacks orchestrated by the Shepards on a small town (or city, within which a small district would be quarantined) and most of the fighting would take place throughout the streets and alleys of the human homes. While I figure this would be the harder of the three ideas I think it would be the most fun to do.

Anyway, these're just ideas and if anyone's interested in working with me on these, or ideas of your own, I'd be happy to open up a dialog and hopefully start exchanging some concept art.

Enjoy yourselves.

- Alec (e3_Jeb)

P. S. Paul Rieche (One of the creators of Star Control 1 & 2) is easily 20 times cooler than you could possibly imagine (Hell he gave me my job :D). Send an e-mail to paul@toysforbob.com saying, ďSC rocks!Ē and Iím sure heíll really appreciate it. But please donít mention my name :) I donít need to be associated with any more fanatics these days.

16th Apr 2005, 11:51 AM
haha will do <3 good luck with the work too :p i hope eon will really get back into full swing soon :p

19th Apr 2005, 01:39 PM
Hello folks, sorry for not posting in a bit I've been on vacation for a few weeks but I'll post some screens of the mesh I was working on before I left later once I've cleaned it up a bit. Alright, enjoy yourselves.

19th Apr 2005, 07:51 PM
Well folks, I ended a little early today, but it wouldn't've made too much a difference. Anyway, to preface these images I would like to say that, this is a work in progress, without textures it will appear particularly bland, and I'll be adding all the little touches like smoking chimneys, tables and chairs, business signs, banners, overturned carts, bodies, flags, etc. as instances so you won't see any of that stuff until I've got all of my base mesh solid.

Alright a little insight into where I'm thinking of going with this, unless I'm told otherwise. I plan for this to be the first section of three parts of a city which has been breached by the Shrike raiding party (And one additional section of a forest pathway leading into the city). I was thinking it would proceed much like an assault map (where you have an objective to push back your opponents one key location at a time), so the Beast side would push into the city one section at a time and then the Humans would have to drive them out of the city. Now each of the sections would probably weigh in between 60 and 100k polys, which is pretty hefty if they were all being loaded at once, but I plan on building it so that only one section is ever loaded and being played at a time.

Render #1 (e3jeb.apartment167.com/Images/EonScreenUploads/EonAlphaMesh_wk2_01.jpg)
Render #2 (e3jeb.apartment167.com/Images/EonScreenUploads/EonAlphaMesh_wk2_02.jpg)
Render #3 (e3jeb.apartment167.com/Images/EonScreenUploads/EonAlphaMesh_wk2_03.jpg)
Render #4 (e3jeb.apartment167.com/Images/EonScreenUploads/EonAlphaMesh_wk2_04.jpg)
Render #5 (e3jeb.apartment167.com/Images/EonScreenUploads/EonAlphaMesh_wk2_05.jpg)
Screen #1 (e3jeb.apartment167.com/Images/EonScreenUploads/EonAlphaMesh_wk2_06.jpg)

Alright, I just wanted to live up to my earlier post and show folks what I'm workin' on. Once I get my computer working again I'll start showing off some of the place holder textures.

- Alec (e3_Jeb)