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9th Mar 2005, 10:26 AM
Missing HUD/Talk texture display for the Boss Model:

Created by Lawgiver (mailto:lawgiver@planetunreal.com)
Additional credit to "GR8-1"

Tutorial copied with the friendly permission from Identity Crisis (http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~identitycrisis) .

I came across this problem myself a short time ago, a friend was able to help me out by solving the problem and I would like to share it with you.

The problem being that you are unable to see the "HUD/Talk texture" image "ingame" that you have created for your new BossSkin.

The problem is very easy to fix.
Unlike the "SoldierSkin" the "BossSkin" works in a different way (hence the problem). It's all to do with editting the names correctly. Where as the SoldierSkins you would create a head texture (4) and name the "HUD" texture (5) the same, this does not work with the BossSkin. You need to rename the "HUD" texture to BossSkin.****5Xan (replacing * with whatever you have named your skin), also, edit the .INT to reflect this change.
You do not need to rename your face texture (4).

I'll give you a better example using one of my skins as an example and the changes that were necessary:

Old name for The hud texture - lawg5Bezerker

New name - lawg5Xan

Also the changes in the .INT file are:

Old version

New version

This, now, should sort out you problem and complete your new skin.